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Here's How You Can Prevent & Treat Skin-Ageing

As we age, our skin starts to wrinkle. Here are some tips on how to slow down, prevent and treat skin-ageing.

Heres How You Can Prevent & Treat Skin-Ageing

As we grow old our skin starts to wrinkle, try these tips to slow down skin-ageing

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural process that occur in the skin over time. As we grow old, the body's ability to produce elastin, proteins and collagen decreases. This causes the skin to thinner which reduces its capability to shield itself from exterior damage. Over the years, there are various causes that might lead to wrinkles.

Here are some causes that lead to skin-ageing:


As discussed above, as we grow older, our skin thinners and its ability to heal lowers. The decrease in the body's production of collagen, protein and elastin might make the skin loose and cause fine lines. Furthermore, as the natural oils in the body decrease, this might also make the wrinkles more prominent. 


Smoking is extremely harmful to the body. Smoking has been proven to speed up the ageing process as it hinders the body's ability to produce collagen.

UV rays

One of the biggest contributors to ageing and wrinkles is the sun. As we know, the harmful UV rays from the sun cause many skin issues in the body. Direct and frequent contact with UV rays can cause these rays to break down the collagen and elastin in the skin. Hence, it slows the skin's ability to rejuvenate and becomes wrinkled and loose.


Adequate consumption of water is very important for the healthy functioning of the body. Shortage of water in the system can slow down the ability of the skin to make connective tissues that it needs to help restore any damage caused to the skin.

Fine lines from facial movements

Frequently made facial expressions can also cause noticeable fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. Lines on the forehead between the eyebrows, smile lines across the cheeks, etc. are indications of wrinkles and lines caused by facial movements.

Pollution and toxins

Air pollution and the involuntary consumption of toxins around us can also cause premature skin ageing. 

How to prevent skin-ageing?

Precaution is better than cure. The best way to avoid wrinkles as we grow older is to take preventive measures from the beginning. Here is how you can prevent wrinkles and skin ageing:

Wear sunscreen

The UV rays cause endless adverse effects. Besides avoiding direct contact with the sun, another solution is to always wear sunscreen when outdoors. The gradual fall in the number of connective tissues is responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Sunscreen forms a shield-like protective layer that restricts the UV rays from damaging the connective tissues of the skin.


Applying moisturiser daily helps the skin by providing moisture and hydration. Dry skin can often form wrinkles and fine lines if not treated with enough care. 

Drink water 

As discussed above, one of the main causes of wrinkles might be dehydration. Drinking ample water is very beneficial to help boost your body's ability to produce enough connective tissues such as collagen and elastin.

Avoid smoking

Smoking has various negative health effects. One of them is reducing the number of connective tissues the skin can produce. This directly worsens the skin's health and causes skin ageing.

How to treat pre-existing wrinkles and fine lines?


To combat wrinkles caused by constant exposure to pollution and toxins, try incorporating vitamins and other nutrients into your diet. Consumption of multi-vitamins will be helpful in improving wrinkles.


Retinoids work as a highly effective medical treatment. They showcase the most noticeable improvements in pre-existing skin-ageing and fine lines. 

Laser treatments

Laser contact on the skin helps the skin in stimulating the natural production of collagen and other connective tissues that are responsible for maintaining healthy skin. 

Skin peels

Skin peels such as glycolic acid peels can help lighten fine lines and wrinkles. Although, the change in the skin post-treatment might not be very significant.

Plastic surgery 

Plastic surgeries are one of the most common solutions for wrinkles. Plastic surgeries such as facelifts help make the skin appear tighter and younger.


Injections are often considered a part of plastic surgeries. However, these do not require any alteration in the skin. These are simply injected inside the skin, such as botox, Dysport, etc.

Ultrasound therapy 

This treatment helps tighten and lift the skin. It also helps boost the production of connective tissues.

In conclusion, the best way to avoid wrinkles is to take proper care of your skin. In case you have wrinkles, there are various other treatments that might be ideal for you. We advise you talk to a health professional and navigate what is the best treatment based on your skin and the severity of your wrinkles. 

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