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Here's How You Can Portion Your Plate To Satisfy Hunger Hormones Without Starving

Portion control can help you maintain a healthy weight. But many find it hard to restrict portion size. Here's a clever trick that might help.

Heres How You Can Portion Your Plate To Satisfy Hunger Hormones Without Starving

Portion control can help you maintain a healthy weight


  1. Control portion size to maintain a healthy weight
  2. Add protein to your each meal
  3. Regular exercise is also crucial when trying to lose weight

When trying to eat healthy, one of the important factors that you should not miss is portion size. Choosing the right portion size helps you maintain a healthy weight without starving. Those trying to lose weight often try to restrict their portion size too much and end up starving themselves. It leaves them unsatisfied with the meal and later binge on unhealthy snacking. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares an important tip that can help you eat foods in the right ratio without leaving you hungry. Keep reading to find out the insights.

Weight management: Here's how you can choose the right food ratio

Batra says in her video, "Portion size is really important. It is an important step to eating right. Many people complain that they are not comfortable eating small portion sizes and feel unsatisfied with the meal."

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Fill half of your plate with vegetables
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"In such a situation correct your food ratio. Fill half of the plate with vegetables. One-fourth of the plate should contain whole grains or complex carbs. Another one-fourth of the plate should include protein. Instead of forcing yourself to eat a very small portion size, take care of the food ratio. This will help you satisfy your hunger hormones and will ensure that you are not starving throughout the day," she adds.

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Other tips to control portion size-

Another clever way to reduce your portion size is by choosing smaller plates. It will also reduce your serving size

Add more vegetables to your plate. Vegetables are loaded with fibre and can keep you full for longer without making you stare.

Drink a glass of water 30 mins before every meal. It will keep you hydrated as well as control portion size.

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Also, eat your meals without distractions. It will help you feel more satisfied post-meal and further reduce unnecessary cravings.

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based nutritionist)

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