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Here's How Tiger Shroff Got His Sexy Bulky Look

Apart from being surprisingly energetic, Tiger Shroff is extremely passionate about working out.

Heres How Tiger Shroff Got His Sexy Bulky Look

Tiger Shroff gained 5 kgs for his role in Baaghi 2


  1. Tiger Shroff is passionate about working out
  2. There is no concept of cheat days for Tiger
  3. Tiger does not drink or smoke

Baaghi 2 is back and so is the fitness freak and handsome hunk Tiger Shroff! The man is already known for his excellent dancing skills and mesmerizing body, but this time he has taken everyone by surprise! An intense and gritty look that is bombarded with oomph, one cannot get their eyes off Tiger even for a minute. Media reports say that the actor had to gain as much 5 kgs for his role in the film. Recently, the energetic actor was also seen sporting his cool new hairdo which he was camouflaging it with a beanie for some time now.

For someone who is active in constantly sharing his workout sessions on social media, let's a take a look at Tiger's fitness and diet regime and see what goes behind that hot body...

Workout regime

For starters, the actor is a big fan of Bruce Lee, and is also trained in martial arts. Apart from being surprisingly energetic, the actor is also passionate about working out and hits the gym regularly.

Tiger's workout regime is spread over the entire week, and yes there's no concept of cheat days for the actor.

tiger shroff

Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 2
Photo Credit: Instagram

On Monday, the actor does back workout. Pull ups, pull downs (with 85 kgs weight), low and one-arm dumbbell rolls (100 kg) are all a part of Tiger's back workout.

Tuesdays are chest workouts for Tiger, where he does weight training on flat bench, incline bench, dumbbell presses and chest flye, 12 sets each.

On Wednesday, the actor dedicates his workout to leg workouts. So, squats with and without weight of 90 kgs, hamstrings, step-ups and barbells are all a part of his Wednesday legs workout.

Thursdays are for arms, and the actor does exercises like Olympic barbell curls, dumbbell curls, reverse curls, close grip barbells, press downs and skull crashers.

Shoulder workouts are dedicated for Fridays. Knee and shoulder press, military press, lateral raising using dumbbells and machines, and rear flyes are all a part of it.

On Saturday, the actor does mix workout which includes dead lifts, squats, kneels and press with wright and plyometric push-ups.

tiger shroff

Tiger Shroff in Baaghi 2
Photo Credit: Instagram

Abs are for Sundays, where Tiger does crunches, hanging revers crunches, weight loaded reverse crunches and stand and seated calf presses.

Phew! That seems exhausting...doesn't it? But, wait till we tell you what diet Tiger follows.

Diet regime

Drinking and smoking is totally off the table for Tiger.

He is a pure non-vegetarian whose diet includes a good portion of proteins. He eats eggs, chickens, grains and lentils regularly.

Usually, for breakfast he prefers 8 egg whites with oatmeal. He snacks on dry fruits and protein shake before lunch. For lunch, he eats brown rich along with chicken and boiled vegetables.

As part of his evening snack and pre-workout meal, he prefers having his protein shake.

Lastly, fish and broccoli are Tiger's preferred choices for dinner. Well, one definitely needs guts to even dare to follow such fitness and diet regime.

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Tiger's excellent physique and dancing skills and so much more to look forward to; simply can't wait to catch him in Baaghi 2!


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