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Happy Birthday Karan Johar! A Sneak Peak Into The Fitness and Diet Regime of Bollywood's BFF

Happy Birthday Karan Johar: On his 46th birthday, we take a look at Bollywood's BFF fitness and diet regime and what exactly makes him age like fine wine!

Happy Birthday Karan Johar! A Sneak Peak Into The Fitness and Diet Regime of Bollywoods BFF

Karan Johar's birthday is on May 25


  1. Karan Johar is celebrating his 46th birthday today
  2. We take a look at his diet and fitness regime
  3. He reportedly gave up on sugar and carbs to shed those extra kilos
Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar is ringing bells for his 46th birthday today! But does he look anywhere close to 46, we highly doubt! He's Bollywood's BFF, a filmmaker who probably owns every space of entertainment. He is the one person who has given a kickstart to career's of some of the most successful actors in the industry today. What's more is that he is the ultimate fashion icon too. Browse through his Instagram profile and you would know what we are talking about! On this birthday, we take a look into Karan Johar's health and fitness regime. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when you're 'the' Karan Johar of Bollywood is not an easy task. To maintain that stately stature, you need to be at your toes at all times, keeping a track of your fitness routine and day-to-day diet consumption. And Karan, a father of the two and one of the biggies of B-town, seems to master the art of being fit as he managed to lose 14 kilos in matter of only 4 months! With the assistance of his fitness trainer Kunal Gir, Karan underwent a transformation he'd been waiting for. Here are some details:


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Workout regime

Karan's workout routine included water workouts and weight training at least 4 times a week, on alternate basis. Given Karan's love for swimming, his trainer included high-intensity cardio water workouts as a replacement to regular cardio exercises. After all, workouts need to be fun for us to do them efficiently and effectively.



Geek grunge! @armyofmedesign styled by @nikitajaisinghani

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Water cardio sessions have proved to be effective, recreational and physical activities for a variety of individuals. Helpful in building up of bones and muscles, water workouts are more difficult to do because water reduces the effect of gravity and weight to a bare minimum.


Tonight! At the #asianpaintsgalaxyofstars meet!!! Styled by @nikitajaisinghani

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Diet regime

Diet plays an important role when on a weight loss expedition. No matter the hard work you put in exercising, having a healthy diet in controlled portions is very crucial. So, Karan followed a diet which was devoid of sugar and carbs, and included lots of organic vegetables and proteins like meat and eggs.



My family!

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He ate meals in small portions after every 3 hours. He focused on consuming lots of fibre and cooked his food only in macadamia nut oil. Furthermore, he consumed eggs which were high in omega-3 fatty acids.

There's definitely a great deal of particularity which has gone in shedding 11 inches and 17 kgs in a matter of only 4 months, indeed!



@shanepeacock @falgunishanepeacockindia #thesilverstory

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More power to you Karan! Wishing you a very happy birthday and lots of success and prosperity!

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