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Here's Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad tells how hot water can damage your hair in many ways.

Heres Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Hair Care: Washing your hair with hot water can lead to dry, rough and brittle hair

How you treat your hair is an important question in today's time. While it's true that some people are blessed with long, voluminous and shiny hair, there are many others who keep struggling. Excessive workload, stressful lifestyle, chemically rich hair products and a lot of other factors contribute to various hair issues including frizzy hair, or hair fall among others. However, you should know that sometimes, the root cause behind these problems can be linked to your day-to-day habits. The way you wash your hair or even how you oil your mane needs to be taken into consideration while discussing all this. By the way, do you use hot water to wash your hair? Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad suggests avoiding hot water to wash your hair for appropriate reasons.  

Dr Jaishree says, “Hair shaft is made up of protein keratin and this keratin is intertwined with hydrogen and disulphide bonds.” She further explains that when you apply any kind of heat to the hair shaft, e.g., hot water, blow drying, ironing, straightening, rebonding or perming, you end up breaking the disulphide bonds. This condition, Dr Jaishree says, results in frizzy hair, lustreless hair, dry hair and hair that can break easily.

So, what's the right kind of water you should use to wash your hair?

Answering this, Dr Jaishree says that lukewarm water or water with normal temperature is great for your hair. But you should strictly refrain from using hot water.  

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Dr Jaishree Sharad often shares the dos and don'ts related to your hair. According to her, you should not wrap the towel too tight around your hair when they are wet. Avoid rough or vigorous towels, rather go for something soft. Also, you must use wide-tooth hair detanglers to comb your hair after washing. Try not to go for the regular combs. Never tie your hair immediately after washing it as that may cause fungi, bacteria, yeasts, and even lice.  

Be mindful the next time and protect your hair.

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