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How To Treat A Sunburn? Follow These 5 Dermatologist-Approved Tips

Dermatologist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta offers 5 tips to help you recover from a mild sunburn.

How To Treat A Sunburn? Follow These 5 Dermatologist-Approved Tips

Drink plenty of water and other cooling drinks that will keep you hydrated

With the onset of summer, you've got to be extra cautious about your skin, and protect it as much as you can from the harmful effects of the Sun. Whenever you step out of the house, always try to wear light-coloured clothes and cover yourself as much as you can, apart from generously applying sunscreen on your skin. But sometimes, due to various reasons, many people still get sunburn — the red patches that appear on the skin due to excessive exposure to sunlight. This could harm you in many ways but there are ways to treat it. Dermatologist Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta shares five tips to cure mild sunburn.

Here are the 5 tips listed by Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta:

1) Have a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pill

If you get a sunburn, it's very important to have a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pill. This could help you in getting rid of the sunburn.

2) Cold water shower

This is one tip that's easily doable. Do take a nice cold water shower bath if you get sunburn. You can maybe add some oats into the water; it would help you calm the inflammation in the skin.

3) Apply calming lotions

Don't just leave the sunburn area like that. To treat it, apply some calming lotions like aloe vera gel or any other barrier protecting creams.

4) Do not burst the blisters

Sunburn blisters are very common. But you've got to be very careful in this regard. It's highly advisable to not pop blisters if you have them. Go to a skin specialist or dermatologist to seek help.

5) Hydrate yourself

Whether you have sunburn or not, this is the thumb rule in summer. Drink plenty of water and other cooling drinks that will keep you hydrated.

Here's the post:

Time and again, Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta guides her followers on issues related to the skin. Facial icing is a quick beauty technique that many women use to have glowing skin. On this, Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta says that facial icing or the process of applying ice on the face is fine because it not only reduces puffiness but also gives an instant glow. However, its effects are temporary and it can never replace the usual skincare routine. She mentions, “If you have issues with your skin like rosacea or skin eczema, then you should be very careful about using it. This is because the process can trigger and lead to skin inflammation and irritation.”

This summer, be a little more concerned about your skin and take care of it.

With these tips by Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, you can protect your skin, especially in summer, when the Sun's punishing rays are at their worst.

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