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Know The Health Hazards Of Caffeinated Drinks

Dr Rupali Dutta says that having caffeinated drinks in moderation will not be harmful for your heath.

Know The Health Hazards Of Caffeinated Drinks

Keep a check on sugar levels when having coffee


  1. Excessive caffeine intake may increase your blood pressure
  2. Having coffee before bedtime can cause insomnia
  3. Overdose of caffeine can cause migraine

Caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee or energy drinks are mostly popular for their energy boosting properties. At times when you have deadlines to meet and exams to clear, with only one single night at your disposal, caffeinated drinks come to our rescue. Also, some people consume caffeinated drinks as an additional energy booster while working out. While an occasional consumption of caffeinated drinks is not so harmful, consuming them frequently or in large quantities can be dangerous to your health.

Dr Rupali Dutta, a clinical nutritionist stresses on the fact that having these caffeinated drinks in moderation will not pose any risks to your health. She also stresses on the importance of checking on the sugar content when you're having coffee. She says, "In moderation, there is no problem with consumption of caffeine. In our practice, we always say that excessive amount of caffeinated drinks can be harmful for your health."

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However, she states the following health hazards that can be caused by an excessive consumption of caffeine:
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1. Excessive caffeine may raise your blood pressure. It is even more harmful for people suffering from blood pressure problems.

2. When your blood pressure levels fall below normal, you are given coffee to normalise it. Having even 2 cups of coffee in a day is fine and will normalise your blood pressure. People with hypertension who have a lot of coffee will have an increased risk of heart attack.

3. Excessive intake of caffeine is also not good for people who have gout, a condition which causes high uric acid in the blood.

4. If you have caffeine or coffee very close to your bed time, it is most likely to cause insomnia.

5. On an empty stomach, consuming caffeine may cause indigestion.

6. Overuse of caffeine may even lead to migraine.

7. A study conducted by University of Nevada School of Medicine states that caffeine reduces chances of women getting pregnant by about 27%.

8. Another study by the American Diabetic Association has shown that caffeine may mess with the glucose metabolism of people suffering from type-2 diabetes.

9. If you are suffering from a heart condition, caffeine can be harmful for you.

10. Excessive caffeine consumption can also lead to anxiety and depression.

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Alternatives of caffeinated drinks

1. According to Dr Rupali, caffeinated drinks in moderation cannot be harmful for health. "There is no need to have very strong coffee. You can always have lighter coffee," she says.

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2. You can have decaffeinated coffee as a healthier alternative.

3. For sports drinks or energy drinks, Dr Rupali suggests that you can have natural oral rehydration solutions - which are by and large 1 litre of water with some salt and sugar in it. You can flavour it with lemon. This means that you're adding all the ingredients which will improve hydration levels of your body.

4. You can also have fresh yoghurt and fruits for an energy boost.

5. Simple exercising for an hour every day and drinking lots of water is also a good energy booster, says Dr Rupali.

6. If you take an apple, blend it and add water to it, it's all you need to keep you hydrated during your workout.

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(Dr Rupali Dutta is Consultant Nutritionist at Fortis Escorts)

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