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Haircare Tips: Get Rid Of Seasonal Dandruff With These Tips

In this article, we discuss some of the best ways through which you can fight off dandruff caused by cold weather.

Haircare Tips: Get Rid Of Seasonal Dandruff With These Tips

Dandruff may be a result of dry scalp in winter

If you're not cautious, the cold air can have a major adverse effect on your body and hair as the temperature slowly drops. One typical health problem you could experience in the wintertime is dandruff, which causes an itchy scalp. Dandruff may occasionally obstruct hair follicles and cause more hair loss.

Dandruff gets worse in the winter due to the dry, chilly air. Dandruff can be a pain, especially if those flakes land on your winter attire's dark colours. You can, however, prevent having embarrassing dandruff. In this article, we discuss some of the best ways through which you can fight off dandruff caused by cold weather.

Here are tips to help you fight dandruff this winter:

1. Avoid heat

One of the most frequent reasons for a dry scalp is heat. Wet hair can create headaches and colds, which is why hairdryers are so popular in the winter. However, direct exposure to heat, such as that from hairdryers and ironing boards, dries out the scalp. Instead, towel-dry your hair before allowing it to air dry.

2. Use the right towels

Regular towels are soft and comfortable to use, but 100% cotton towels are best for wiping your hair. Regular towels' rough texture is bad for your hair and might cause extra frizz. The ideal way to dry your hair after washing it is by using a cotton t-shirt.

3. Drink adequate water

We frequently fail to drink water during the winter, which contributes to the dryness of our scalps. Water dehydration causes the skin and hair to become more prone to dandruff. To keep your body hydrated, consume at least 4 litres of water each day.

4. Tree tea oil

Tea tree oil is very moisturising for your scalp and has good antimicrobial effects. By preventing infections and dryness, these two substances can prevent dandruff. Tea tree oil should be diluted to prevent irritation when using it, so keep that in mind. Thus, refrain from using it carelessly. A few droplets go quite a long way toward protecting your scalp.

5. Eat right

Altering your diet is one method for getting rid of dandruff. Excellent nutrients for the hair and scalp include vitamin B, zinc, and omega 3. Boost your diet with fruits and fresh salads. Strong sources of all these nutrients are eggs, fish, bananas, spinach, and bananas.

6. Talk to a dermatologist

If you've been using your updated program and anti-dandruff treatments for roughly a month and the issue is still there, speak with a specialist. If you have an underlying condition like eczema or psoriasis, they may provide you with a stronger prescription.

7. Eat less sugar

Sugar is bad for your skin, as we've already explained. It turns out that the hair suffers as well. Excessive oily flakes are produced when blood sugar levels are high, which increases dandruff in the winter. Limit your sugar intake and replace it with honey, jaggery, or other healthier alternatives.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure better health of your hair and combat dandruff.

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