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Haircare Tips: Experiencing Hair Breakage? Follow These 8 Tips For Stronger Hair

These tips will help strengthen your hair and prevent hair breakage.

Haircare Tips: Experiencing Hair Breakage? Follow These 8 Tips For Stronger Hair

Deep conditioning aids in repairing damaged hair

You may tear your hair apart due to hair loss and breakage. While everyone has experienced some hair fall and breakage during their lives, severe hair loss and balding patches can be concerning. If you're wondering how to prevent hair breakage and keep it from becoming any worse, these simple tips may be helpful.

Tips to help reduce hair breakage:

1. Deep condition

Protein and nutrients are given to your hair during deep conditioning. It aids in repairing damaged hair by fortifying your hair and allowing nutrients to go deeply into the shaft. Regular deep conditioning will make your hair softer and less prone to breaking.

2. Avoid heat

Applying a heat protectant first is essential since styling with too much heat might cause damage. Use the lowest heat setting and just go through each region of your hair once when using heat tools. This is particularly crucial if you have curly hair because it is more prone to breakage and heat damage might eventually change the way your curls behave.

3. Use correct shampoo

A sulfate-free shampoo without harsh, stripping cleansers that dries out hair is essential, but where you use it is just as crucial. Shampoo should only be used on the scalp when necessary, never on the hair shafts. Even while there may be excess product buildup on your strands, it will mostly be on your scalp. Any debris and product residue on the rest of your hair might be broken down by the cleanser residue that accumulates on your strands as you wash.

4. Don't do same hairstyles

Wearing the same hairstyles over and over again, such as tight braids or ponytails, can pull on the hair and create stress, which can cause breakage. Try wearing your hair down or in a different style, such a loose bun or a messy ponytail. The best haircuts are those with low stress.

5. Avoid towel-drying wet hair

Your first thought after washing your hair is generally to rub it with a towel to absorb any extra water. Instead, use an old cotton T-shirt since terry fabric towels can be scratchy and produce friction, which can result in breaking. Instead of rubbing, gently blot your hair to absorb all the extra moisture.

6. Get routine hair trims

Split ends can cause breakage, so sometimes having them cut off is the only (and best) solution. This justifies how crucial regular haircuts are. If your hair is breaking frequently, you might want to start over and attempt a drastic style like a pixie cut or a wavy bob.

7. Don't over-colour your hair

Although having dark roots might be bothersome, colouring your hair too frequently can lead to hair breakage. Too much colouring can damage and dry out your hair, which makes it more prone to breakage. Dry hair is also more brittle. To protect the quality of your hair, it's best to wait four to six weeks between hair dye sessions (or longer).

8. Use silk pillowcases

Friction between your hair and your pillowcase might really cause breaking if you have a restless sleep style. Consider purchasing a silk or satin pillowcase so you aren't roughing up your hair while you sleep since these materials are kinder to your hair. Before going to bed, you could also cover your hair with a satin or silk scarf.

No matter how careful we are with our grooming techniques, we all endure some degree hair breaking and shedding. The most crucial factor is how you look after your hair on a daily basis.

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