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Haircare Tips: The Cold Weather Can Deteriorate Your Hair Health; Here's Are A Few Tips To Follow

Let us discuss ways in which you can ensure better health of your hair.

Haircare Tips: The Cold Weather Can Deteriorate Your Hair Health; Heres Are A Few Tips To Follow

Head massage with hot oil can help prevent dry scalp in winter

The dry winter air draws all the moisture from your head, causing difficulties with your hair and scalp. The dry surroundings cause your scalp to dry out as well, which leads to dandruff and makes your scalp itchy and odorous. 

Hair loss can also be exacerbated by an increase in dandruff. According to science, weak hydrogen bonds cause dry hair, breakage, and split ends into hair strands. So, yes, winter does cause more hair loss. 

This damage caused by the chilly weather may not be completely avoidable but the damage can be reduced by following effective preventive measures. Let's discuss ways in which you can ensure better health of your hair.

Follow these tips to have good hair health through winter: 

1. Oil your hair

Your scalp becomes dry and itchy throughout the winter because there isn't enough moisture in the air. Dandruff, flakiness, and scalp irritability could result from this, which would cause hair loss. Massage your scalp with warm oils that are nutritious for your hair, such as coconut, and olive oils. These oils enter the hair shaft and maintain moisture in the hair. The scalp's blood flow is enhanced by massage, which also nourishes hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

2. Avoid heat styling

Enjoy your natural hair for a few months. All the effort you put into moisturising and reviving your hair might be undone by heat styling. It dehydrates your hair and damages chemical links on the strands, causing breakage and split ends. At least during the winter, avoid heating up your hair. To combat hair loss in the winter, you must take one important step.

3. Avoid hot water hair washes

In the winter, taking a lengthy, hot shower can have a calming impact on your body and mind. But it frequently has the opposite effect on your hair. Washing your hair in extremely hot water might remove any moisture that may still be present in the strand. And even though we recognise how much you depend on these hot showers, we advise decreasing the water's temperature while washing your hair.

4. Moisturise

Schedule some time each week to deep-condition your hair. Employ a hair mask. Use an anti-dandruff cream in addition to this to keep your dandruff under control and maintain a healthy scalp. Your hair is steamed. It has numerous advantages, including the ability to restore hair strength, lessen dullness, and enhance the amount of moisture in your hair strands and scalp. Hair follicles get smooth and lustrous after taking steam. At least once per month, visit a hair salon. Not too much worry! With conditioner and shampoos, it's simple to stop severe hair loss in the winter.

5. Cover your hair

During the winter, it's crucial to protect your hair from moisture-sucking dry air, wind, and rain. Worrying about the dreaded hat hair now is not a good idea. Your hair dries out in the weather, making breakage more likely. Make sure your hat is lined with silk or satin to assist minimise breakage because wool, cotton, and other materials can also result in breakage. Using a dry oil spray will help you prevent static electricity under your hat. Dry oils, which are light and contain natural oils that nourish hair and restore its luster, are ideal for styling.

6. Avoid over-washing

Your hair will lose natural oils that keep it nourished and preserved if you overwash it. The winter is particularly bad because we need those oils so greatly. Consider prolonging the interval between washes as much as you can. Change to every other day if you regularly wash your hair every day. Try every three days if your hair is still really dry. Utilising dry shampoo is another approach to help prolong the interval between washes.

Keep these tips in mind to stop the cold winter weather from damaging the health of your hair. 

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