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Hair Care: Dermatologist Suggests Ways To Deal With Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common problem but it can controlled. Dermatologist Dr Kiran tells us how.

Hair Care: Dermatologist Suggests Ways To Deal With Hair Fall

Hair care: Nutritional deficiencies can lead to hair fall


  1. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to keep hair fall at bay
  2. You can add supplements to your diet after consulting an expert
  3. Hair fall can affect men and women

Hair fall is a common issue these days. It can be due to many reasons, including post-COVID-19 complications, pollution, unhealthy habits, hormonal changes. From using the right hair products to taking care of the tresses from inside, one needs to keep a check on everything. Dr Kiran, a dermatologist, gave away some tips and hacks to control hair fall. In her latest Instagram post, she talked about maintaining the mane the right way to avoid further hair fall. The caption reads, “Generally, hair fall means a deficiency in one or more of these things: Ferritin if it is less than 70, B12, Vitamin D, Folic acid or zinc. You could also be facing mineral-related concerns.”

Here's what you should do to manage hair fall as per dermatologist

Dr Kiran has suggested some not so known methods to keep dandruff at bay and nourish the hair perfectly. She had recommended the usage of ferrous sulphate once or twice a day for people who have low ferritin. For the unversed, ferritin is a type of protein that stores iron. Dr Kiran also advised the consumption of hair supplements in case of any mineral-related concerns. You should always consul an expert before adding any supplements to diet.


Hair care: Protein or iron deficiency can lead to hair fall in both men and women
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We all know how vital protein is for luscious and healthy hair. Dr Kiran also focused on the fact. She wrote in the description note, “Increase your protein intake. Not whey or creatine protein, it can make hair fall worse. You can take a collagen supplement. If you can't take collagen, take natural pea protein.”  The hair expert further asked people to avoid some common mistakes like wet hair combing, over massaging and too many treatments.

She added, “It takes about 6-9 months to fully improve and most of your hair will come back, as long as you don't have any underlying conditions.” Dr Kiran added the cautionary note of consulting a doctor before experimenting. Earlier, Dr Kiran posted about the mandatory routine one must follow for glowing skin. It included daily habits like cleansing, treating and moisturising. 

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