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Get Rid Of Stiff Neck With These Effective Home Remedies And Preventive Measures

There are several possible reasons behind stiffness in neck. It can affect your day to day activities as well as your sleeping pattern. Simple home remedies can help you get rid of stiff neck. Here are natural ways you can try as well as some precautions you must follow.

Get Rid Of Stiff Neck With These Effective Home Remedies And Preventive Measures

Poor posture can result in neck stiffness


  1. Poor posture is the main reason behind neck stiffness
  2. Change your siting position to fight pain in neck and back
  3. Know other prevention steps here

Are you staring at your computer screens or mobile phones for too long? It can affect your neck and back in various ways. Pain in shoulders or back is a common problem that you may experience. A stiff neck is a common issue that you may experience. This usually happens due to muscle weakness due to poor posture. It can be a painful condition that can affect your day to day tasks. Not just your functions throughout the day, bad posture can affect your sleep as well. Clenched jaw, stress, osteoarthritis or spinal injury can be other possible reasons behind stiff neck. You can treat stiffness in the neck with some home remedies and precautions. Here are a few you can try.

Natural ways to fight stiff neck

1. Apply heat or ice

Heat or cold therapy helps fight stiffness in neck. It is also useful in reducing inflammation. You can use a heat bag for some relief. Taking a hot water shower can also give positive results. If you want to use cold therapy, use an ice pack for around 20 minutes. You can also simply wrap some ice cubes in a towel and use it to fight neck stiffness.

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2. Exercise

Staying active is the best way to reduce neck stiffness. Not just neck, it is beneficial for your complete body. It will help you counter the side effects of poor posture and long term sitting. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.


Regular exercise can help you prevent neck stiffness
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3. Reduce stress

Stress is also one of the reasons behind stiff neck. You should follow strategies that can help you fight stress. Try meditation, exercise or yoga to reduce stress naturally.

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4. Change your sleeping position

If you are not sleeping correctly, it can result in neck stiffness. You should consider changing your position while sleeping. Also, check whether you are using the right pillow or not. Sleep in a comfortable position and environment.


Sleep in comfortable position to prevent neck stiffness
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5. Correct your sitting posture and reduce your screen time

Poor posture is the main reason behind neck stiffness. You should correct your posture while sitting and reduce your screen time. Poor posture can also result in digestive issues, pain in neck, more stress and many other health issues.

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