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Love Kiwi? Expert Tells You Why This Fruit Must Be A Part Of Your Diet

Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits: The expert said that the fruit helps in DNA repair among other benefits.

Love Kiwi? Expert Tells You Why This Fruit Must Be A Part Of Your Diet

Kiwi is loaded with vitamin C and many other essential nutrients


  1. Kiwis are loaded with fibre and vitamin C
  2. This fruit can also help you boost immunity
  3. Kiwi fruit can also help you ensure better digestive health

The secret to a healthy lifestyle is a good combination of a wholesome diet and ample exercise. When it comes to food, we are told that vegetables and fruits can do a world of good for our bodies. And while this is true, there are some foods that we stay away from simply because we just don't know enough about them. One such fruit is kiwi and now fitness expert Luke Coutinho has explained exactly why you should be adding the fruit to your diet.

Kiwi health benefits you need to know

In an Instagram post, he wrote, "May not be local, but it's one of the most powerful fruits when it comes to DNA repair. Which diseases revolve around a need for DNA repair...from cancers to every other disease that starts from a cell...plus everyday pollution, harsh sun, chemicals in cosmetics, plastics affect our DNA."

Sharing a photo of the fruit, he further added, "There are little gifts in nature ...use them well ....local is good, but use other gifts from nature when needed ...don't put yourself in a box."
Take a look at the post here:

A post shared by Luke Coutinho - Lifestyle (@luke_coutinho)

In another recent post, the expert spoke about the need to keep one's gut healthy. Adding a list of foods that promote gut health, he wrote, "Garlic, onion, chicory, banana, dandelion greens, asparagus, apples, oats and barley are good for the gut." 

In the caption, he explained why gut health must be on our priority list. He said, "Our gut is everything. I'm yet to see a patient and a disease that didn't need work on the gut. From depression to cancer to Alzheimer's to diabetes, every condition, leave the gut out of your recovery protocol and it becomes just treatment, not recovery. Aim for recovery."

He further added, "Probiotics are useless without prebiotics, so build that diverse lifestyle and food plan. Prebiotics are usually consumed 30 minutes or an hour before food."  

So, add kiwis to your diet today!

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