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Feeling Sleepy At Work? Try These Quick & Effective Tips To Refresh The Mind

To manage sleepiness, it is essential to target the root cause and make lifestyle changes accordingly.

Feeling Sleepy At Work? Try These Quick & Effective Tips To Refresh The Mind

Taking breaks during the day can help reduce stress

There can be multiple reasons that cause sleepiness at work. Sedentary work can cause fatigue, especially when done for long hours. Relying on sugar or caffeine to stay alert can also lead to a crash later, making workers feel more tired than before.

Medical conditions such as allergies, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy can also cause sleepiness at work. In some cases, prescription drugs may make workers drowsy. However, some simple tips and tricks can help you fight off sleepiness. Although getting proper sleep during the night should be a priority. Read on as we share tips that will help fight sleepiness during work hours.

10 Tips to help you reduce sleepiness at work:

1. Get enough sleep

The most basic solution to sleepiness at work is to get enough sleep at night. On average, adults require 7-9 hours of sleep every night for optimal performance.

2. Take short breaks

Taking short breaks throughout the workday has been found to boost productivity. Breaks could be taking a brief walk, listening to music, or grabbing a coffee.

3. Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration or not drinking adequate water can cause fatigue. Furthermore, dehydration can also lead to unnecessary cravings.

4. Take a power nap

Taking a nap after lunch has been proven to provide various health benefits on the body and the mind. A short 20-30 minutes power nap during the workday can cut down fatigue and help you feel refreshed.

5. Maintain proper posture

Slumping over your computer can cause fatigue, so sit up straight and adjust your chair to the correct height. Along with fighting fatigue, proper posture can also help maintain good health.

6. Brighten work area

Poor lighting can cause eye strain and lead to fatigue so, increase the lighting and brightness of your work area. Less lighting can also cause issues with eye health such as vision problems.

7. Stimulate brain

Engage in brain-stimulating activities when feeling sleepy, such as discussion, problem-solving, or playing games. You can engage in chess, or other activities that could be helpful in refocusing.

8. Healthy snacks

Keep healthy snacks at your desk, such as fresh fruit, nuts, and yogurt, to fight sugar crashes and fatigue. Eating can also help keep your energy levels in check that maybe reduced from working.

9. Stay active

Stand up every hour and walk around your office for a couple of minutes to rejuvenate your body and mind. You can opt for stretching exercises, take walks every few hours, or opt for stairs whenever possible.

10. Improve your work environment

Try to make your workspace as comfortable as possible by regulating temperature, noise, and air quality, which can help you feel more productive. Make sure to build healthy relationships, take time off when needed and recharge every now and then.

In conclusion, sleepiness at work can be caused by a variety of factors, including lack of proper sleep, the work environment, poor diet, low physical activity, medical conditions, and medication use.

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