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Father's Day 2020: Expert Gives 6 Health Tips That All Fathers Must Follow

Father's Day 2020: Exercise regularly, go for routine health check-ups and manitain personal hygiene. Here are 6 health tips that all fathers must follow.

Fathers Day 2020: Expert Gives 6 Health Tips That All Fathers Must Follow

Father's Day 2020: It is important for fathers to exercise regularly


  1. All fathers must ensure to not overeat
  2. Physical activitiy and exercise should be a part of daily routine
  3. Maintaining personal hygiene is equally important

Father's Day 2020 is observed on June 21. All of us have seen the popular ad, where the child says, "my daddy strongest." Given the current circumstances the world is going through, it is important for fathers to be healthy, so that they can take care of their family during this difficult period. Spending more time at home due to work from home/ lockdown has led to a decrease in physical activity for a lot of men and that can have an adverse effect on their health. Here are some simple tips, which you can adopt to keep yourself healthy & fit for your family.

Father's Day Health Tips

1. Daily dose of exercise: Hitting the gym is not the only way fathers can keep fit. There are a lot of simple exercise techniques which can be done while staying at home. Physical exercise is not only good for the body but also refreshes your mind and breaks the monotony while you are home. 4-5 thirty-minute sessions per week are a must to keep your body in shape

2. Do not keep your emotions bottled up: Fathers usually tend to keep all the problems to themselves and this can have an adverse effect on their mental and physical health. It is vital that during this tough period, we discuss whatever is going through our mind with our partners/ friends/ colleagues. If required, professional counselling services can also be availed online

3. Do not overeat: A lot of father's I interacted with have gained weight during the lock-down. This was due to a combination of over-eating and lack of physical activity. Although, your better halves would pamper you will all the delicacies they have learned during this period, you need to stick to a balanced healthy diet

4. Routine health checkups: One thing which I promised myself when I had my daughter last year was to get a preventive health check up done once every 6-8 months. These check-up's help in the early detection of a lot of lifestyle diseases and cancer at an early stage. In fact, this is something which one should gift themselves every year on their birthday after they turn 30

5. Maintain personal hygiene: We are bound to become lethargic and ignore personal hygiene since we are mostly at home these days. Wash your face at least twice a day using a facial cleanser or face wash, brush twice a day, floss and scrub your tongue at least once a day. Shave regularly and use beard grooming products appropriately. Apply lotion to your body and moisturize your lips. Do not feel shy in discussing with your medical professional on the habits you should practice basis your skin type

6. Keep your addictions under control: Smoking and alcohol are often used by fathers as stressbusters, but they have a detrimental effect on your health. Its best to avoid them, specially in front of your children. Better options to relieve stress are to do regular exercise and spend time with your children

(Dr Rohan Khandelwal, Oncologist and Breast Surgeon, CK Birla Hospital)

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