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Expert Shares The Harmful Effects Of Consuming Too Much Vitamin D; Know Daily Requirement

Excessive vitamin D supplements can have severe side effects on the body. Read the full story to know more.

Expert Shares The Harmful Effects Of Consuming Too Much Vitamin D; Know Daily Requirement

Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D

We all know that vitamin D is super important for our bodies. It helps keep our bones and immune system strong. However, too much of vitamin D supplements can actually be harmful to your bodies. An Instagram reel by nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared some eye-opening insights about the potential side effects of excessive vitamin D intake. From elevated blood and calcium levels to gastrointestinal troubles, altered mental states, and even kidney complications, it seems that overdoing the sunshine vitamin can lead to some serious consequences.

In the caption of this reel, Lovneet Batra wrote, “Because of the growing awareness of vitamin D deficiency and related health problems, vitamin D became a popular supplement, and its use has increased markedly.” Further in the text, she guided about side effects and the right dosage of the supplement and also penned about consulting a healthcare professional.

Side Effects: Excessive intake of vitamin D can lead to a condition called hypervitaminosis D or vitamin D toxicity. Vitamin D toxicity can cause hypercalcemia, which is an excessive level of calcium in the blood.

Finding the Right Dose: The appropriate vitamin D dose varies based on individual vitamin D levels and overall health. Blood levels of 20–50 ng/mL are generally considered sufficient. The safe upper limit for blood levels of vitamin D is around 50 ng/mL. Individuals with vitamin D toxicity often have blood levels above 50–60 ng/mL. For most people, the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 600 IU (15 mcg).

Consult a Healthcare Professional: It is crucial to consult a doctor or dietitian before starting any supplements or increasing the dosage to ensure safety and proper guidance. Stay up to date with the latest guidelines and recommendations regarding vitamin D supplementation to make informed decisions about your health.

Take a look at her video below:

Remember, moderation and professional guidance are crucial when it comes to supplements. Stay safe and keep your health in check!

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