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Eliminate These Foods From Your Diet For Healthy Cholesterol Levels; And Other Tips

For a healthy heart you need to keep your cholesterol levels under control. You can make changes in your diet and lifestyle to lower your cholesterol levels. Here are some tips you can follow.

Eliminate These Foods From Your Diet For Healthy Cholesterol Levels; And Other Tips

Reduce consumption of processed foods to keep your cholesterol levels healthy


  1. A healthy lifestyle promotes your overall health
  2. Avoid intake of refined versions of foods
  3. Quit smoking and manage stress for a healthy heart

Cholesterol is a waxy substance present in your blood which your liver produces naturally. There are two major forms of cholesterol low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). You might have heard people complaining about high cholesterol. It is a condition when the levels of LDL are more than normal. If left uncontrolled, it may lead to serious health issues. LDL commonly known as bad cholesterol builds up on the walls of arteries. These deposits are also known as cholesterol plaque. It leads to narrow arteries and limits the free flow of blood, further increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Cholesterol levels can be controlled effectively by diet restrictions and lifestyle modifications. Here are some of these tips that might help.

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal says in one of her social media posts, "The real bad cholesterol is the oxidised cholesterol. Processed foods, packaged fats and refined, hydrogenated oils are among the main sources of such oxidised and rancid fats and cholesterol. These contribute to the creation of plaque in the arteries and cause blockages."

Tips to tackle cholesterol-related issues-

1. Add traditional foods to diet

Following the traditional way of eating can be good for your health. The nutritionist highlights that sticking to healthy fats present in Indian diet and other essential nutrients can help you stay healthy.

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2. Cut down processed food

"Instead of worrying about the potential effects of eggs, makhan and ghee, focus on cutting out processed and refined food items from the diet. Ditch the cookies, biscuits, chips, packaged breakfast cereals and start putting ghee back on rotis and dal," Ganeriwal adds.

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3. Engage in regular physical activity

Regular exercise is one of the effective ways to keep cholesterol levels under control. It reduces the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and much more. You can start your day with exercise for at least 30 minutes.


Regular exercise can help you boost heart health
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4. Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health in multiple ways. Not just your lungs, it can harm your heart too. To keep your cholesterol levels and heart-healthy, ditch those cigarettes immediately.

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5. Manage stress

Stress is one of the risk factors for heart disease. For a healthy heart, practise stress management techniques like yoga, meditation and exercise.

(Munmun Ganeriwal is a Nutritionist, Fitness Expert and Yoga Teacher at Mumbai)

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