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7 Super-foods To Make You Lose Weight Instantly!

As impossible as it sounds, you can lose weight by eating the right diet. These foods alter your bodily processes in specific ways to fry off your fat.

7 Super-foods To Make You Lose Weight Instantly!

Some super-foods that have miraculous effects when it comes to weight loss

How wonderful would it be if you could lose weight by eating. It is actually possible but the catch here is that you have to eat right. And while just this may not make you lose all the extra kilos, there are some super-foods that have miraculous effects when it comes to weight loss. More than exercising or eating less, the golden key to weight loss is knowing which foods are unacceptable and which profitable. Investing in the right diet can help you lower risks of unhealthy diseases associated with obesity like heart attacks, diabetes and kidney failure.

Here are 7 super-foods you should include in your diet to lose weight instantly:

Avocado and its oil

While avocados are high on fat, it's good monounsaturated fat. Oleic acid in avocados curb your hunger and fry fat. Even avocado oil has been shown to reduce 2% body fat in one month in researches by Penn State University.


Avocados are rich in good fat, that ironically prevents fat from sticking to your body
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Green Tea

This hydrating beverage is a miracle drink to get rid of belly fat. This is because green tea is rich in antioxidants like catechins that prevent storage of fat in our body. Research published in the The Journal of Nutrition has shown that people who drink green tea after exercising lose weight at double the rate than people who just exercise.


Chewing apples is good to lose weight. The fruit and specially the skin is rich in fiber that quickly fills up your appetite. Apples also have antioxidants that keep us safe from metabolic diseases that slow it down and lead to obesity.

apple fruits oranges

Apples, grapefruit and oranges are great to lose weight
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Kidney Beans and Chickpeas

Most legumes work effectively to fight weight gain. Kidney beans in particular are good sources of protein, fiber that work up the body and resistant starch, a slimming carbohydrate. Additionally, chickpeas has the highest content of fiber and protein and so it is a weight loss win.

Dark Chocolate

The cacao in dark chocolates is what makes it sweetly effective. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants like flavonoids that boost muscle growth to reduce fat. Studies also show that people who eat this eat lesser for the next 2-3 hours than those who don't.

Almonds and other nuts

Despite being high-fat nuts can help you reduce weight if you include them in a low calorie diet. Almonds in particular are rich in amino acids that burn off your fat and calories during workout. Pistachios are also a good option.


A Harvard study based on 120,000 people positively linked yogurt to weight loss. Yogurt is rich in calcium and Vitamin D which can double your weight loss results. It's carbohydrates, fat and fiber are also helpful in warding off hunger.

Eggs, cheese and lentils are other noteworthy mentions that can help you fry off your fat in less than 2 weeks.

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