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Dr. Jaishree Sharad Underlines Different Shampoo Mistakes You Must Avoid

While using shampoo, it’s important to know certain dos and don’t to keep your hair healthy.

Dr. Jaishree Sharad Underlines Different Shampoo Mistakes You Must Avoid

Dr. Sharad suggests we must focus on shampooing the scalp and not the hair tips

Honestly, we can go to any extent to get that hair right. Our tresses have to go through a lot. Dry weather, dust, pollution, and whatnot. So, it becomes extremely important to take care of beautiful hair. One basic rule to keep them clean is using shampoo. But sometimes, shampoo may not work or show results if not applied properly. Yes, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind while shampooing your hair. And if you turn a cold shoulder to these things, the shampoo may end up being the reason behind your damaged hair. Dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad shares a post on Instagram highlighting the shampoo mistakes one should avoid. 

Here are some common shampoo mistakes that you must refrain from making:

1) Not using the right shampoo: It's important to select the right shampoo based on your hair type. But if you don't use the right shampoo, it could be a problem.

2) Applying the shampoo to the hair length and not the scalp: Apply shampoo on the scalp rather than applying it to the entire length of your hair.

3) Using hot water to wash your hair: Using hot water to rinse your hair may damage it. Hot water can make your hair brittle and porous further leading to hair loss.

4) Not rinsing enough: It's important to rinse your hair. If you don't wash your hair properly, it may lead to dandruff or an itchy scalp. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Hot water can cause dryness.

5) Massaging scalp vigorously: Try not to be harsh on your hair, it deserves gentle treatment. Massaging the scalp vigorously may result in breakage.

Take a look:

If hair thinning is bothering you, Dr. Jaishree Sharad shares various possible reasons behind its occurrence. If you ever see your hair thinning, do not ignore it rather, look for the causes. According to the dermatologist, there are several reasons why you may be having a scanty scalp. You may be experiencing it due to some genetic problem, or a natural process of ageing. Sometimes, hormonal imbalances such as PCOS may lead to a scanty scalp. Certain medication and stress can also cause hair thinning. Nutritional deficiency, some illness, low levels of haemoglobin, frequent heat styling treatments, hair extensions and tying your hair in a tight ponytail are some of the other causes behind hair thinning.   


Do follow Dr. Jaishree Sharad's tips to deal with hair problems. 

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