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World Asthma Day 2023: Asthma Worsening In Summer? Here's How To Avoid Triggers

The weather plays an integral role in influencing your asthma symptoms. The hot summer weather might trigger your asthma symptoms and other causes.

World Asthma Day 2023: Asthma Worsening In Summer? Heres How To Avoid Triggers

Working out indoors may help you stay away from other asthma triggers

Living with Asthma can be difficult. A person suffering from asthma may experience shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and cough. This may be a result of swelling and constriction in the airways due to the production of excess mucus in the airways.

Asthma symptoms may worsen due to various triggers. Some of these are dust, smoke, air pollution, tobacco smoke, pests, and so on. Another very common trigger for asthma is the weather. The weather may directly affect the severity of asthma.

As the hot weather this summer worsens, it is important to understand how can it affect your asthma symptoms. Although, asthma symptoms may be less severe in summer as compared to winter. This may be as the chances of contracting a viral infection is lower.

World Asthma Day 2023: How to prevent and avoid asthma triggers this summer?

You can incorporate and implement these easy-to-do tips in order to avoid worsening your asthma this summer.

Avoid pollen

Although virals and other microorganisms that trigger asthma may be lower in summer, pollen might be at a high count. Pollen is present in high numbers during the summer. It is important for you to check the pollen count near you and also avoid leaving the house. If you do leave the house, avoid staying outdoors for long periods and also wear a mask.

Exercise indoors

As discussed above, you may be prone to pollen and other triggers if you stay outdoors. In addition to this, indulging in exercises or/and physical activities might cause coughing or other asthma symptoms. Hence, it is ideal to exercise in a safer and more comfortable environment.

Exercise early morning

The hot weather along with the air pollution, can both trigger asthma symptoms. Working out early in the morning may help you avoid the sun and the hot weather. Along with this, the air quality may also be a bit better early in the morning.

Avoid other triggers

Over time, one way to learn what triggers their asthma symptoms. Like the rest of the year, you must stay mindful of your triggers. Avoid getting in contact with dust, mold, animals, air pollution, and so on. If contact with an asthma trigger is unavoidable, make sure to carry and consume your medication in advance. This may help you lower the symptoms.

Stay hydrated

Drinking ample water is necessary to reduce the thinness of the mucus build-up in your airways. You might have to hydrate and drink water more often during summer as the body requires more water. The sun and the hot weather may leave you feeling dehydrated and might trouble your breathing.

Don't stop the medication

If the doctor has prescribed you medication, it is necessary to follow that no matter what the weather may be. As discussed previously, asthma may be triggered more often in winters however, that does not mean it won't trouble you in the summer.

In conclusion, prevention is better than cure. Make sure to avoid your triggers to minimise your asthma symptoms. Furthermore, staying away from these triggers might help you eliminate these symptoms altogether. Along with this, follow the necessary steps to better your chances of fighting these triggers.

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