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Do You Cool Down After A Workout? Here's Why You Must

Cool down benefits: After a workout, it is important to do some slow-paced low intensity exercises and stretches to normal your breath and your body temperature. Read here to know why it is important to cool down after a workout.

Do You Cool Down After A Workout? Heres Why You Must

Cool down exercises promote relaxation in the body


  1. Cool down can reduce muscle soreness after workout
  2. It can normalise your breath and body temperature
  3. It promotes relaxation in the body

In one of our previous articles, we spoke on the importance of warm-up before your workout. Now, we are going to emphasise on the importance of a recovery routine and cool down after completing a workout. One session of cool down can last for any where between 3 to 10 minutes. It includes stretches and gentle variations of the movements you did during your workout. Just like warm up prepares your body to perform exercise well and maximise your range of motion, a cool down after a workout allows your heart rate and breathing to come back to normal. It promotes relaxation and allows your body to come to a normal temperature after workout.

Benefits of cool down after a workout

Cool down is also beneficial for time when you are feeling too sore after a workout. It can help you get rid of body pain and also prevent you from falling sick because of sudden change in body temperature. If you don't give time to your body to cool down after a workout and immediately step out in the cold or in AC room, the sudden change in body temperature can make you prone to catching cold.

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Doing cool down exercise after a workout helps in getting rid of sore muscles
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Cool down comprises a few body stretches. It can be a slower, less-intense version of the exercises you just performed as well. For instance, a cool down after jogging can be done by doing a brisk walk for 2-3 minutes. Slowly, reduce your walking speed. After getting down the treadmill or getting done with the walk, you can do some standing stretches in order to increase range of motion of your leg muscles. The cool down can finally be finished with the help of a few seated stretches to improve your flexibility and relax your body.

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Celebrity fitness trainer recently shared a cool down workout routine on Instagram. The routine involves a total of 6 exercises/stretches that can help in reducing muscle soreness and normalising your breath after a challenging workout session.

"Complete each stretch for 60 seconds, 30 seconds each side (if required)," recommends Kayla. Watch the video below to see how each stretch needs to be performed.

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