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Diwali 2018: Top 3 Detox Tips For Restoring Good Health After Diwali Festivities

Diwali 2018: For a good and healthy Diwali detox, you can include more ghee in your diet. Read here to know how ghee and a few other natural foods can help in a healthy detox after Diwali.

Diwali 2018: Top 3 Detox Tips For Restoring Good Health After Diwali Festivities

Eating gulkand can help in post Diwali detox


  1. Foods like sweet potato can help in Diwali detox
  2. End your meals with jaggery and ghee for Diwali detox
  3. Sugarcane juice can help in Diwali detox

Diwali 2018 celebrations and detoxing after them go hand in hand. Detox is not a solution to living a toxic lifestyle. The only way to achieve good health during and after festivities is not to lead a toxic lifestyle. In the name of festivities during Diwali, you need to avoid having too many nights, days and afternoons in toxicity, recommends celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in her live videos on Facebook and Instagram. The reason why the body feels the need of a detox is because of an upset stomach. People usually end up feeling dull, or get constipated or even diarrhea.

According to yoga, it is the apana vayu (downward flowing energy) which messes up when we feel the need of getting a detox. People with digestion problems end up looking older than their age because of mess up with apana vayu.

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Top 3 tips for Diwali detox

1. Start your day with gulkand

An effective way to detox from overeating and eating unhealthy foods during Diwali is by starting your day with gulkand. Gulkand provides your body with good prebiotics and probiotics so that your digestion and gut microbiota is restored.

2. Eat foods like jimikand or sweet potato

A good for Diwali detox is by eating foods like arbi, sweet potato or jimikand in one of your meals.


Eating sweet potato can help in Diwali detox
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3. Increase the amount of ghee in your diet

Diwali detox can be done by including more ghee in your diet or even by ending your meal with ghee and jaggery.

The idea is to get back to a regular meal plan but do follow the aforementioned steps for a healthy Diwali detox. The biggest detox of India is sugarcane juice or simply chewing on sugarcane. Sugarcane has the ability to cleanse your liver naturally. Make sure that you are consuming fresh sugarcane juice or chew fresh sugarcane.

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Here's wishing everyone a very happy and healthy Diwali!

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