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Did You Know About The Dangers Of The Sugar in Your Bread And Cookies?

Learn why high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), the sugar alternative, can lead you to health problems.

Did You Know About The Dangers Of The Sugar in Your Bread And Cookies?

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a sugar alternative


  1. A majority of the producers of packaged foods use corn syrup extensively.
  2. A 350 ml soda bottle generally contains close to 50 grams of added sugar
  3. Consumption of HFCSs damages your digestive tract.

If you don't yet know what high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is, you are going to be amazed to know how highly this simple sugar substitute has been a part of your daily diet. Put simply, HFCS is a sweetener, cheaper than regular sugar. It is made from cornstarch and its production was deemed safe for usage by the FDA in the 1970s. Because of its cost effectiveness, a majority (if not all) of the producers of packaged foods use it excessively as a substitute for regular sugar, allowing consumers to be fooled by the premise of less table sugar being present in the food.

So why bother about it?

While most corn refineries around the world would say that this 'safe substitute' is natural and absolutely harmless, the truth is far from what these profit-pursuing enterprises let slip.

High fructose corn syrup is used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of foods. Here are some:

1. Soda: A 350 ml soda bottle generally contains close to 50 grams of added sugar or 13 teaspoons of sugar!

2. Sweetened yogurt: Often considered healthy and low-fat, this snack can contain over 40 grams of sugar, substituted as corn syrup.

3. Breads: While breads are generally not considered sweet, most breads contain high doses of HFCS.

corn syrup health hazards

Corn syrup is present in most foods like bread, cookies, ketchup
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4. Processed foods: Chips, cookies, cereal, granola bars often contain a good amount of corn syrup.

5. Ketchup: A single tablespoon of ketchup contains as much as 5 grams of sugar! HFSC is generally the first ingredient in these condiments. So think before you ask for that extra ketchup sachet with your burger.

6. Energy/Sports drinks: Contrary to energy spike that is intended by these drinks, energy drinks often contain high levels of corn syrup to enhance the taste.

3 reasons to stop consuming corn syrup now!

Vast amounts of research over the years has proved the harmful effects of eating too much sugar on our body. While the pitfalls of consumption of alcohol and tobacco are widely publicized and acknowledged, the cons of eating food rich in sugar or its substitute: corn syrup has escaped notice.

Have a look at why the intake of this evasive corn syrup could kill you -

1. Liver Damage - Regular sugar is broken down by the body in 50-50 ratio of fructose and glucose and then absorbed. HFCS lacks this chemical composition and contains the two compounds in an unbound form. This means that the sugar is more readily and directly absorbed in our blood stream when we consume any food that has corn syrup. As fructose directly goes to the liver, cholesterol shoots up due to unhealthy fat production. The glucose triggers high insulin production and hence leads to major increase in appetite, coronary heart diseases, diabetes and liver failure.

2. It contains dangerous toxins, chemicals and contaminants - According to a study published in "Environmental health" in 2009, foods that contain HFCS have over accumulation of metals and even mercury. Intake of such foods can cause forgetfulness, chest pain and vision problems.

3. Leaky gut syndrome - This basically means that after consumption of HFCSs, your digestive tract gets damaged and bad bacteria can pass through into your bloodstream. Since the molecular structure of corn syrup is different from regular sugar, fructose in this syrup can make patches and holes in your intestinal lining, triggering body wide inflammation and even cancer.

Switch over to healthier substitutes

It is important to start using natural sweeteners and not these unhealthy substitutes to save your life. HFSCs contain no vitamins, minerals or good enzymes, only sugar and empty calories.

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Dates and honey are two popular and healthy alternatives to sugar that do not just pose no harm but actually have benefits to increase your longevity.

Say no to foods that contain corn syrup now or the price you pay for their use might just be your life.


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