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Dengue Explosion: 650 New Cases Reported; Some Lesser Known Facts About Dengue

Delhi witnesses 650 new cases of dengue in just one week, toll reaches an alarming 5870 mark. Take a look at the top unknown facts about dengue.

Dengue Explosion: 650 New Cases Reported; Some Lesser Known Facts About Dengue

Dengue on the rise in Delhi, Unknown facts about dengue


  1. 650 new cases of dengue reported in Delhi
  2. Dengue toll reaches 5870 in Delhi, death toll stands at 5
  3. Dengue fever patients should never opt for an Asprin

New Delhi: The city witnesses a sharp spike in the number of dengue and chikungunya cases last week as 650 new dengue cases and 48 new chikungunya cases came into picture. The stats were given by a municipal report on Monday. Dengue and chikungunya toll stands 5870 and 731 respectively. Till October 21, dengue cases were as many as 1077. So far, five deaths have been reported due to dengue. Of these, two were reported from the Lok Nayak hospital in Central Delhi.

Data for the entire city is tabulated by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. The data released by SDMC has yet not acknowledged the deaths that took place in Lok Nayak hospital thus keeping death toll only three. The very first victim of the vector-borne disease in the city was a 12-year old boy who succumbed to a dengue shock at the Sri Ganga Ram hospital on August 1.

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Of the 5870 dengue cases, 2884 were from Delhi and the rest were from other states. Though dengue cases come into picture between mid-July till November-end, this year the cases were reported much earlier. As for malaria, total number of cases reported was 1073 till date. Last year's death toll for dengue stood at 10 and 17 for malaria according to the reports of civil bodies. Chikungunya complications triggered as many as 15 fatalities, though civic authorities revealed zero number of deaths in their report.

Did you know these interesting facts about dengue fever?

1. Only female mosquitoes carry the dengue virus.

2. Dengue fever patients should never opt for an Asprin.

3. Dengue is also known as breakbone or dandy fever.

4. The Aedes mosquito which spreads the dengue fever is most active during the day, mostly around dawn and dusk.

5. There are four different strains of the dengue virus. So if you get infected by one, you are not protected against the rest.

6. Dengue mosquitoes do not die after they sting a person. They carry the virus with them all their life. After biting and infecting one person, the mosquito is capable of transmitting the virus to another person in 8 to 10 days.

7. The dengue mosquito flies as high as 200 metres, looking for a water-filled place to lay more eggs.

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8. The mosquito rests mainly in the dark areas like closets, under beds and inside curtains. 


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