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Craving Sugar? Try These Simple Tricks To Say Goodbye To Sugar

Trying to quit sugar? But the cravings bring you back to the sugar-loaded foods. It can often become hard to manage sugar cravings. Here are some easy ways to manage sugar cravings which can help you finally quit sugar.

Craving Sugar? Try These Simple Tricks To Say Goodbye To Sugar

Eat a fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth


  1. Too much sugar consumption can result in acne
  2. Sugar cravings can make you consume extra sugar
  3. Lack of sleep can trigger sugar cravings

Got a sweet tooth and cannot stop craving sugar? It might be difficult for you to follow a sugarless diet. Every time sugar cravings hit you, you end up munching foods loaded with sugar. Consumption of too much sugar is associated with many health risks like obesity, increased risk of diabetes and heart diseases. It also drains your energy and leaves you fatigued. You need to find some clever ways to kill sugar cravings. Less sugar in your diet will help you lead a healthier life. Here are some smart tips which can help you control your sugar consumption. So next time when a sugar craving hits you, follow these simple steps.

Ways to reduce sugar cravings

1. Understand well what to eat and what not to

You should be able to differentiate between the good and the bad. If you are feeling hungry choose healthy food items instead of sugar. Do not stay hungry for long because in the end, you will end up eating more sugar. Eat small healthy meals on regular intervals so that you do not give space to sugar to adjust into your diet. So next time you feel like eating something, grab a veggie instead of sugar.

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2. Eat a fruit

Sugar cravings can happen at any time of the day and can become irresistible at times. In such a situation choose something healthy and sweet at the same time. The best option is a fruit. Choose a fruit of your choice and eat it whenever you crave sugar. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and you will not consume anything unhealthy. Fruits contain natural sugar which is safe for you.


Natural sugar in fruits is not harmful to your health
Photo Credit: iStock

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3. Stay stress-free

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are stressed you crave more sugar? Yes, it is true stress makes you eat more sugar. It triggers certain hormones which make you eat more and those who are sweet lovers eat more sugar in such situations. So, try activities which can help you reduce stress. You can exercise, meditate or simply listen to your favourite music.

4. Go for a walk

Whenever you have a sugar craving, simply get up and go for a walk. A walk will promote your overall health as well. It will distract your mind and you will come back fresh. It is a very smart way to deal with sugar cravings and maintain your overall health. You can ask someone to come along. Talking to someone will lead to better distraction.

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5. Eat more protein

Your protein intake can also determine your urge to eat sugar. To kill those sugar cravings eat a protein-rich breakfast. A breakfast high in protein will keep you full for longer. It will keep your calorie count under control throughout the day. It will help you consume less sugar in a day.

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