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Coronavirus Prevention: Follow These Tips To Avoid Touching Your Face Repeatedly

Coronavirus prevention: Whenever you are outside, avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth. Read here to know tips to avoid touching your face for preventing Covid-19.

Coronavirus Prevention: Follow These Tips To Avoid Touching Your Face Repeatedly

Keep your hands busy in order to avoid touching your face


  1. Look out for triggers that make you touch your face
  2. Wash hands properly to keep coronavirus at bay
  3. Avoid going to crowded places and wear a mask whenever outside

Coronavirus prevention steps include washing hands regularly and not touching your face too often. The former can be done voluntarily, but the latter can be quite involuntary, and not something that you can control. Throughout the day, we touch multiple surfaces like door knobs, elevator buttons, etc. On all of these surfaces, the novel coronavirus can linger for days. Your fingertips, noses, mpuths and eyes are entry portals of the coronavirus and other viruses and germs. Thus, it is important to know some tips to avoid touching your face.

Coronavirus preventions: Tips to avoid touching your face

1. Keep your hands busy

Keep your hands busy with objects that can reduce frequency of how much you touch your face. It can be a stress ball, a pen or anything else. A hand sanitiser must always be with you.

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2. Try to figure out triggers

If you have a compulsive behaviour of touching your face, then being aware of it can help you work towards it. Pause to notice every time you touch your face for a scratch or an itch and try to control it. If you rub your eyes because they feel dry, use moisturising eye drops. If you are using your hands to rest your chin or adjust your hair, be aware of these situations and act accordingly.


Wash your hands regularly to prevent coronavirus
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3. Keep tissues with you

For an itch or a scratch, you can use a tissue and discard it immediately. Whenever you feel you have to sneeze, cover your mouth with your elbow rather than your hands. Risk of passing your germs on to others is more when you sneeze on your hands.

Stay safe, be indoors as much as possible. Eat immunity-boosting foods and take all possible steps to keep coronavirus away!

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