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How To Keep Yourself Safe From Air Pollution Post Diwali?

Air Pollution: In this article, we list ways in which you can minimise the harmful effects of Diwali pollution.

How To Keep Yourself Safe From Air Pollution Post Diwali?

Air Pollution: Wear face masks when outside to protect yourself from the polluted air

Diwali pollution is now a common occurrence. Several reports claim rising air pollution levels despite numerous legislation. Firecrackers are primarily blamed for pollution, according to some. As a result, it becomes essential to take precautions against air pollution.

Many aspects of your health, particularly your lungs, can be impacted by air pollution. Numerous unpleasant symptoms, including cough, infection, and throat infections, might also be led on by it. You must safeguard yourself from rising levels of air pollution.

People who have asthma or cardiac conditions may face severe effects from increased air pollution. Hence, it is crucial to follow safety measures to reduce the adverse effects of air pollution post-Diwali. In this article, we list ways in which you can minimise the harmful effects of Diwali pollution.

Follow these tips to reduce the effects of post-Diwali pollution:

1. Avoid going outdoors unnecessarily

You must alter your plans when you are aware that the air quality is terrible outside. Reduce your time spent outside as much as you can. Try to adjust your schedule as necessary. When the air quality is particularly bad, keep an eye on the pollution levels and stay indoors.

2. Wear masks

Wearing a mask is one of the most-effective ways to minimise inhalation of pollution, dust, germs, and other components that might affect your health. Make sure to wear masks when outdoors and to timely throw them away or wash and reuse them if reusable.

3. Drink ample water

We can only survive for three to five days without fluids because the human body is roughly 60% water. Water is crucial for many other important bodily processes in addition to digestion. Because the body requires hydration during Diwali, you can drink a lot of water to stay alive.

4. Keep indoors pollution-free

If the air pollution is severe, you must stay inside. However, you must also guarantee the safety of your home space. Keep your home dust-free and clean. For better indoor air quality, you could also add air purifiers. Make sure to also avoid excessive ventilation.

5. Check the air quality index regularly

It is crucial to assess the air quality outside if you intend to light firecrackers there. This is so that you can get a decent image of the amount of pollution in your location from the air quality. Checking the air quality index periodically will help you better align when you should leave your house.

6. Eat immunity-boosting foods

A healthy and strong immunity guarantees improved pollution defence. You can include foods like those high in vitamin C, magnesium, or omega-3 fatty acids in your diet that can strengthen your immune system. Add foods such as ginger, garlic, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, eggs, and so on to your daily diet.

7. Ventilate adequately

Ensure you have a chimney inside the kitchen and an exhaust fan in the washroom to prevent indoor air pollution. The air will be recirculated as a result. Few people are aware that pollution indoors sometimes exceeds pollution outdoors.

Now that you know how you can protect yourself from air pollution caused around Diwali, make sure to follow these protective measures.

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