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Chef Ranveer Brar Tells Why Khichdi Should Be A Part Of Your Diet Regime

Khichdi is a perfect combination of grains and pulses, which make for the complete amino acid profile and hence gives the body the desired nutrition.

Chef Ranveer Brar Tells Why Khichdi Should Be A Part Of Your Diet Regime

Khichdi can be added to your healthy diet regime.


  1. Khichdi is gives us complete nutrition.
  2. Rich mix of grains in khichdi make for a complete amino acid profile.
  3. Khichdi has a balance of carbs and proteins.

It was nothing short of marvellous to see a 918-kg khichdi setting Guinness World Record at the recently concluded World Food India event in New Delhi! Khichdi...the sweet and homely humble food, has worn the hearts of many! Apart from giving deep nostalgia and making everyone homesick, khichdi is a wonder food that has been a part of most cultures in India. Even renowned chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar have not shied away from saying that khichdi is their all-time favourite comfort food!

But what makes the comfort food so comforting? According to chef Ranveer, khichdi has numerous health benefits and can even be conveniently added to a healthy diet regime.

"The whole combination of cereals, pulses and rice allows khichdi to be a healthy food item. Technically, grains and pulses together make the amino acids profile, and hence give us complete nutrition. In terms of making it even healthier, one can add a variety of grains like jowar and bajra. Even in the giant khichdi, we added these grains to complete the nutritious value of khichdi," informs chef Ranveer.

The comfort food is not only served in the form of prasads among Bengalis during Durga Puja and among Tamils during Pongal, it is also served as a simple gruel to ailing patients. Every part of the country has its own version of the dish. There are even non-vegetarian and sweet versions. Post the recently-set world record, numerous high-end restaurants have now added khichdi in their menus.

"Khichdi is the ultimate comfort food. There is a balance of carbohydrates and protein in the dish. It is nourishing and perfectly fits into the category of comfort food, what could be better than that!" adds chef Ranveer while adding that khichdi can also be a part of a healthy diet for people who are trying to lose weight or stay fit.

"Khichdi can be perfectly healthy when a good proportion of hard grain is used. People who are trying to lose weight should make khichdi without rice, by using grains like jowar, bajra and a rich mix of pulses. Khichdi can be a perfect addition to your healthy diet regime," explains chef Ranveer.

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So, those looking forward to adding new dishes to their daily low-carb high-protein diet, how about a lip-smacking bowl of khichdi for lunch?


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