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This Is How Being Unhealthy Can Trigger Stress

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee explains the connection between bad health and stress.

This Is How Being Unhealthy Can Trigger Stress

There's a reason why they say that your health should be your priority. In today's time, there are many factors including unhealthy eating habits and a not-so-good lifestyle that can harm your health. And once you don't feel good about yourself or comfortable about whatever that's happening inside your system, it starts taking a toll on your mental health. Not only this, but if you are not doing fine physically or mentally, that aspect also starts affecting the other domains of your life. So, to stop all this from happening, it's imperative to take care of your body, thus, preventing stress and other such issues. If you still wish to understand the relationship between an unhealthy body and stress, nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee is here with a new post on Instagram. In the caption, she writes, “Stress is bad for health but bad health is also extremely stressful.”

Anjali mentions, “Being unhealthy and having physical health issues ranging from PCOS, hair fall, acne, and weight gain to poor digestion can be stressful on the body but also on your overall state of being. This leads to a downward spiral in your emotional state and has an effect on your relationships as well.”

In the video, the health expert says, “Let's consider that you are unhealthy because of your unhealthy eating patterns, which results in certain conditions obviously including hair fall, poor skin, mood swings, water retention, bloat, digestive problems, and others.”

“Now, once you have these problems, you start feeling powerless and lack the ability to control these issues. Why? This is because you are not relating the problems to your unhealthy diet or lifestyle. Instead, you are just sitting and cribbing about it,” Anjali states.

She further goes on to say that this powerlessness starts affecting your mind thus, you feel depressed. Gradually, she states, “You start feeling that you are less desirable, less attractive, your skin or hair is not fine, and all these feelings result in emotional distress. On top of it, you start comparing yourself with others around you and thus, start feeling terrible about yourself.”

Now, this feeling of not being good enough from within does impact the way you deal with your friends, family and other loved ones. According to Anjali, you start messing up these relationships and once that happens, you feel worse. So, it's like a downward spiral.

You need to understand that this is all related to your physical health. And if you don't get sorted, it will affect your mind and your quality of life, Anjali states.

Therefore, it is very important to take care of your physical health and your mental well-being alike.

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