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Beware! Here's Why You Should Never Mix Alcohol With Energy Drinks

Alcohol and energy drinks together are a deadly combo, they can lead to severe kidney damage.

Beware! Heres Why You Should Never Mix Alcohol With Energy Drinks

Do not mix alcohol and energy drinks, they can damage your kidneys

Doctors explain that energy drinks can lead to severe kidney damage and have considerable impact on the heart and also increases blood pressure. With these factors in mind, energy drinks already are a big 'no no' for people. However, some people go on to mix them with alcohol. When alcohol is mixed with energy drinks, it causes over intoxication, a recent study claims so. Doctors explain that these energy drinks contain phosphoric acids and phosphorus which can cause potential damage to the kidneys.

Doctors explain that people who consume these energy drinks show an increase in blood pressure by 6.4%. They say that these people are more prone to accidents when they take energy drinks (or any high-caffeine drink) with alcohol. This is because people are not aware of the level of intoxication because of the same.

Most of the energy drinks are 100mg of caffeine in a 200ml drink. For adults, doctors recommend a daily caffeine intake of only 400mg. Though the warning sign on the drink suggests that this drink must not be taken by kids, the highest incidence of consumption of this drink is seen in youngsters. 

Here’s a list of things you must NEVER mix with alcohol:

  1. Medication
Never mix alcohol with over-the-counter medicines like antibiotics and antacids. It may land you in dizziness, nausea, disturbed motor control and may even risk overdose.

  1. Morel mushrooms
Morel mushrooms are known for their meaty texture and earthy flavour. However, when mixed with alcohol, as ‘chakhna’ it can risk nausea, allergic reactions and even vomiting (popularly known as ‘back’).
  1. Marijuana

Alcohol and marijuana are good enough to intoxicate you for some time. But, taking both of them together can skyrocket intoxication and the risk associated with it. Your blood pressure increases considerably and cognitive and motor skills get disturbed. You may wake up to a feeling of nausea, vomit and dizziness, an extreme level of hangover.


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