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Are You Committing These 3 Mistakes While Losing Weight? Find Out Here

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks about the 3 mistakes in her series on weight loss

Are You Committing These 3 Mistakes While Losing Weight? Find Out Here

Weight loss: Eat local and seasonal foods for better nutrition and a healthy weight


  1. Following a crash diet will not help in sustainable weight loss
  2. You should not miss seasonal fruits and vegetables
  3. Weight loss is one of the much discussed topics from the past few years

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently started an Instagram series on weight loss. In the first part, she talked about the basics of body weight and the right methods to shed those extra kilos. In part 2 of the series, she shared information on 3 roadblocks faced by people while they are on their weight-loss journey. The first one is “quick weight loss success stories on social media.” The next big mistake, according to Rujuta, that people made was “breaking food down into carbs, protein, fats and calories.” The third mistake, she highlighted, was the “cultural appropriation of our eating practices by the food industry”.

Weight loss: Avoid making these mistakes when trying to lose weight

The nutritionist further wrote in the caption, “These are good for profits not for the health of people.”

She then gave some tips on how to overcome these hurdles.

“When it comes to weight loss — stick to sustainability (about 10 per cent weight loss in a year),” she mentions.

Looking at culture, cuisine, climate when deciding what to eat is a must according to Rujuta.

Then she also recommended following “traditional practices in their totality.” She adds, “No haldi shots, no staying hungry for long hours.”

In the video, Rujuta told people on a weight-loss journey not to stop eating food that they grew up eating. She also spoke about the traditional fasting practice. In the clip, she told her followers not to fast on a daily basis and avoid treating it as a weight-loss hack.

She added, “Anything that doesn't lead to a drop in fat weight but only leads to a drop in body weight, is making you older, sicker, and slower.”

Rujuta also showed a few demonstrations to measure weight loss appropriately in both parts of the series.

A couple of weeks ago, the nutritionist shared an exercise mantra, especially for those relying heavily on indoor workouts. Rujuta posted a photo of herself doing yoga on Instagram using a bolster pillow and chair, and said that there were three secrets about exercises — any time is a good time to exercise, too much is abuse and too little is useless, and the best exercise is the one that gets done.

So, before starting off on your weight-loss journey, make sure you follow these tips.

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