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Add These Healthy Fats To Your Diet: Know Benefits You Should Not Miss

Fats should be an essential part of your diet just like other nutrients. But it is vital to choose the right kind of fat in the right quantity. Read here to know healthy fats you should be consuming.

Add These Healthy Fats To Your Diet: Know Benefits You Should Not Miss

Ghee can offer you multiple health benefits including better bone health


  1. Avocados contain healthy fats and other essential nutrients
  2. Oils extracted from nuts are good for your health
  3. Desi ghee can help you achieve healthy skin

Fats are not your enemies, you might have heard this several times. A certain amount of healthy fats should be added to your daily diet. When consumed in the right quantity these can help boost heart health and may support weight loss too. But it becomes quite difficult to determine what to eat and avoid. As a part of her IGTV series, '21 health swaps for healthy 2021' nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares some tips to choose healthy fats and how you can swap the unhealthy ones. Read here to know how you can add the right fats to your diet.

Healthy fats: How to choose the right one?

"By now we all know that fats are good for us, but we confused about which fats to use- especially when the market is flooded with 'No Cholesterol' refined vegetable oils. Now they claim that if the oil is sourced from plants, it cannot be unhealthy. However that this is partly right and what it hides is that these refined vegetable oils can be a source of omega 6 fatty acids that are converted by the human liver to make bad cholesterol in the body and increase inflammation."


It is important to choose healthy fats for better heart health
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"Now, plants don't have a liver right and they definitely cannot make cholesterol. So, the claim of no cholesterol is right for these products but it doesn't help," Batra writes in her post.

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What are the healthy options to choose?

The nutritionist further adds that you can consume nut-based oil or cow milk ghee. The health benefits of ghee are well-known. It is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial to your heart health. It reduces inflammation and according to studies it can control the risk of heart disease. Adding ghee to diet also gives a boost to your immunity. Stronger bones and glowing skin are some other health benefits.

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Nuts, chia seeds, whole eggs and avocados are other healthy fats you can add to your diet in moderation.

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based Nutritionist)

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