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A Must Read: Fitness Trends To Look Forward To In 2019

In 2019, technology fitness will stay as it is trendy and looks good. And here are the other fitness trends we can all look forward to in 2019.

A Must Read: Fitness Trends To Look Forward To In 2019

Health & Fitness: The trends to look forward to in 2019

The thing about fitness trends is that they fizzle out quickly and are soon replaced by different techniques and methods.

An article "Fitness column: Which 2019 fitness trends are untenable?" authored by Paul Robinson published in The Sudbury Star reviewed the 2019 fitness trends and stated that the good ol' 'Bodyweight training' is here to stay and is a great complement to most workouts.

Talking about Bodyweight training, Robinson wrote, "Resistance training accomplishes a lot more than I can fit into this small space. Bodyweight training (i.e. pushups, chinups, etc.) can be done at home with little to no investment. The challenge with bodyweight training is, knowing what to do when the load is too light or too heavy. With exercise, progression is necessary for improvement - that's when free weights or resistance bands come in handy."

The article published in The Sudbury Times on January 12 written by Paul Robinson also talked about the pros and cons of fitness technology. Taking a dig at the technology, the author stated that the demand for wearable technologies is skyrocketing and they will stay around "until they plant a chip in your brain."

Robinson, in his article, states that technology fitness will stay as it is trendy and looks good.

The article also talks about the need for "mindful eating and sober curious," emphasising that food and alcohol addiction should be taken seriously. Adding that eating and drinking abundantly has become socially acceptable, Robinson, in his article states, "Overindulgence is an epidemic."

Robinson also talks about the good ol' 'Group training', that has been rebranded in order to lure people to fitness.

"Group training has been around for years and will continue to thrive in evolving formats. Working out with friends increases persistence, and it's great for extroverts and people who like crowds, high fives, and whooping. But you need to find the right fit, as some classes can be pretty hardcore," Robinson wrote in his article published in The Sudbury Times.

'Shorter classes', Robinson stated that smaller sessions are better on the cardio front of exercising.

Hoping for the demand for shorter sessions to stay, the author wrote, "Most people (except hardcore) have little time or desire for hour-long classes. If not, just leave halfway through the class and lift some weights."

Talking about 'High-Intensity Interval Training' or HIIT as millenials call it, Robinson wrote that it produces the most efficient cardio burns. "Boot camps, sprints, stairs, spin bikes and rowers seem to work best. I will let you know if things change," the author wrote in the article.

Taking a jibe at the 'All-natural protein bars', Robinson stated that 99 per cent of the people working out do not require protein supplement. Stating that the protein bars is for the people looking for an easy way to fitness, Robinson wrote, "Protein supplementation doesn't help you lose weight, proper nutrition does. Shelve the protein bar (and your wearable technology) and grab a salad. Better still, find a watch that zaps you every time you overeat."

Further, in his article, Robinson states that workout for 'Older adults' should be made accessible as 55+ people tend to produce the most dramatic gains.

"Make it accessible and people may buy in because prescription medication and euchre are much more tempting than exercise and healthy eating," stated Robinson in his article.

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Paul Robinson, in his article published in The Sudbury Times, states that the 'Simple solutions' to fitness is increased diet of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. He further wrote that the key is the addition of regular movement and subtraction of processed food. 


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