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7 Foods That Trigger Arthritis

Arthritis patients must adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat foods that do not cause inflammation

7 Foods That Trigger Arthritis

Arthritis patients must avoid sedentary lifestyle


  1. Arthritis patients should avoid junk and fried food.
  2. Dairy protein can be harmful for arthritis patients.
  3. Smoking and consuming alcohol should be avoided by arthritis patients.

Arthritis is a condition which can cause inflammation in joints. There are as many as 100 different types of arthritis which can be treated with medications. Apart from taking medications, people suffering from arthritis also need to take care of the food that they are eating, since foods that are inflammatory in nature, can further trigger joint pain. Arthritis is one of those conditions in which one must have a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Read further to know about foods that trigger arthritis.

1. Fried and processed foods

Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have stated that reducing consumption of fried and processed foods can help in reducing inflammation and help in restoring body's natural defenses. People with arthritis should include more vegetables and fruits in your diet.

fried food increases inflammation

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2. Sugar and refined carbs

Having more sugar and refined carbs can result in inflammation, and hence trigger arthritis. Arthritis patients should cut down on baked goods, chocolates, candies and soda.

arthritis patients should avoid soda

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3. Dairy products

Dairy products can adversely affect arthritis patients depending on the type of protein that they have. The protein may cause irritation in tissues around joints. They can replace dairy protein by having protein-rich veggies such as spinach, nut kinds of butter, tofu, beans, etc.

dairy protein can cause irritability

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4. Alcohol and tobacco

Apart from causing numerous other health problems, alcohol and tobacco can affect joints as well. While smoking can lead to rheumatoid arthritis, alcohol consumption can cause higher risks for gout.

alcohol increases risk of gout

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5. Excessive salt and preservatives

Arthritis patients must make sure to consume less salt in their diet. Also, foods with extra preservatives must also be avoided. They may result in inflammation in joints.

preservatives trigger arthritis pain

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6. Red meat

High levels of omega-6 fatty acids in red meat can trigger joint pain and inflammation. Arthritis patients can have red meat in limited quantities, say, twice a week, since it is rich in iron.

red meat can trigger joint pain

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7. Coffee

Coffee is said to increase inflammation-causing acidity in the blood. Green tea or herbal tea are better alternatives for arthritis patients. 

coffee causes acidity in blood

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