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6 Ways To Stay Away Monsoon Related Stomach Infections

The bacteria and viruses during monsoon, spread infection and weaken your immune system. Its essential to be well equipped beforehand to keep yourself and your family healthy during this season.

6 Ways To Stay Away Monsoon Related Stomach Infections

Moist and damp weather is favourable for the growth of vectors


  1. Stomach infection is very common during monsoon
  2. Unhygienic practises lead to a greater risk of contamination
  3. Its important to keep your environment clean and safe

Monsoon is round the corner and everybody seems to be excited. But are you prepared enough? Monsoon may bring delight but it brings a host of infections and people often suffer from gastroenteritis, gastritis etc. But, stomach infection is the most common one and it may lead to food poisoning. Usual symptoms are vomiting, cramps and diarrhoea. Such things happen due to contamination of food and water. This article aims to help you save yourself from infections.

Take a look at the following 5 ways to keep infections away:

1. Keep unhygienic food away

This is applicable on all seasons but during monsoon you should pay extra attention. Outside food, no matter how tasty it may seem, is very dangerous for health. The outlets follow unhygienic practises that lead to a greater risk of contamination and illness. Go for only those places where the food is freshly prepared and under hygienic conditions.

2. Eat wisely

There could be chances when you will be bound to eat out. During these situations, you are required to choose your food wisely. Always go for food that has been freshly prepared. Eat steaming hot food as the heat kills all the pathogens and reduces the chances of getting any infection. Do not eat food that is undercooked especially foods like eggs or meat. Undercooked food gets contaminated with bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella. Such bacteria can cause food poisoning, so stay alert.

3. Drink boiled water

Water contamination is the most common cause of stomach infection. Always drink boiled water to stay risk free. What you can do is, you should boil water in larger quantities and store in containers with lids. If you are going out then carry your own water bottle from home and do not drink from an unknown source. If situationally you are required to drink outside, go for bottled water. It is strongly recommended to keep your vicinity clean always.

4. Wash your hands with soap before eating

Root cause of several stomach ailments start from not washing hands before meals. Make it a practice to wash your hands with antibacterial soaps before eating. In case, you do not have any soap, make use of hand sanitisers. Always carry a sanitiser in your bag. There could be chances when you are traveling and you do not have any possibility of washing hands, sanitisers can be of big help.

5. Avoid swimming

If your immunity or resistance power is low, it is suggested to avoid swimming during monsoon. If you have just recovered from an illness, avoid swimming for some time.

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It is all about taking some precautionary measures and staying healthy. You should make it a habit to avoid outside food and replace it with a healthy diet. Include fresh and home cooked food in your timetable along with some fruits.You should always keep your environment clean and safe. Make sure, there is no space for bacteria to emerge. If you are suffering from any stomach ailment, check with your daily habits and consult your doctor as well.


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