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5 Worst Inflammation Causing Foods: Avoid Them To Prevent Diseases

Inflammation may be responsible for diabetes, joint pain, obesity and numerous other health issues. Avoid these 5 inflammatory foods to curb inflammation in the body and be free of diseases.

5 Worst Inflammation Causing Foods: Avoid Them To Prevent Diseases

Inflammatory foods: Avoid refined carbs to keep inflammation low


  1. Processed meat can increase inflammation in the body
  2. Inflammation is probably the reason behind most diseases
  3. Avoid sugary foods to keep inflammation low

Inflammation is the root cause of numerous diseases in the body. While it is also your body's natural way of protecting itself when you're injured or sick, too much of it can put you at risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Your diet can influence the amount of inflammation that occurs in your body. Ideally, the aim should be to avoid foods that cause inflammation and eat more of anti-inflammatory foods like leafy green veggies, olive oil, tomatoes, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables. In this article, we are going to talk about some foods that are worst for inflammation.

Inflammation causing foods you must avoid

1. Refined carbs

And you thought refined carbs only cause weight gain. Well, they increase inflammation-causing gut bacteria that can put you at risk of obesity and inflammatory bowel disease too. Refined carbs-rich food include white bread, pasta, aerated drinks, breakfast cereals, white rice, sugary foods and desserts. Avoid these foods if you want to keep inflammation in your body under control and also prevent weight gain.


Avoid refined carbs to prevent inflammation and diseases
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2. Excessive alcohol

Alcohol intake puts you at risk of fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Regular alcohol intake has also been linked to high inflammation in the body. Regular drinkers may also develop problems with bacterial toxins moving out of the colon and into the body. This can lead to leaky gut, which lead to widespread inflammation which leads to organ damage. Avoid alcohol intake to prevent inflammation in the body.

3. Sugary foods and desserts

White sugar is just empty calories with no nutrition. Foods that are high in sugar can increase inflammation in the body. High sugar intake can lead to diabetes, obesity, weight gain, chronic kidney disease, thyroid issues and numerous other health conditions. Avoid these foods to keep inflammation at bay.

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4. Processed and packaged foods

Processed and packaged foods are loaded with artificial flavours, colours and preservatives that can increase inflammation in the body. These preservatives are specifically harmful for people with high blood pressure. To prevent weight gain and inflammation, avoid everything that comes in a packet and stick to natural, home-cooked food at all times.


Processed food can increase inflammation in the body
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5. Processed meat

The thing with processed meat is that it contains no protein or other nutrients present in meat. What's more is that its consumption has been linked to increase risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Sausages, bacon, ham, smoked beef are some examples of processed meat. These foods contain more of advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are formed when they are cooked at high temperatures. This results in higher inflammation in the body.

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