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5 Simple Stretches To Relieve Lower Back Pain Naturally

Do you have a sitting job and your lower back is hurting all the time? Some simple stretches can help treating lower back pain naturally. Here are some of them which you must try.



  1. Prolonged sitting can lead to lower back pain
  2. Some simple stretches can help in strengthening the back muscles
  3. Epsom salt bath can also help in relieving back pain

Back pain is a common health issue which can affect your day to functioning. Most people experience lower back pain which can make it difficult to complete day to day tasks smoothly. Sometimes it can become a very painful condition which can become difficult to tolerate. Is popping a pain killer the right way to treat this pain? Over consumption of pain killers is related to multiple health hazards. This condition can be treated effectively with some natural remedies. One of the most effective methods to treat lower back pain is exercise. Some simple stretches can help in treating lower back pain. Simple stretches which would not take much time to perform can work wonders in treating lower back pain.

Stretches for lower back pain

1. Knee to chest stretch

Knee to chest stretch is a very simple exercise which is extremely good for the lower back muscles. It improves the flexibility of the back. You can quickly perform knee to chest stretch in just few minutes. Do 10-15 stretches with each leg daily to control lower back pain.

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2. Child's pose

Child's pose also known as balasana is a yoga pose beneficial for your lower back. This pose will not just treat back pain, it will provide you relief from neck pain as well. This stretch also strengthens the muscles of hips, thighs and ankles. You will also notice relieve from stress and fatigue.


Exercise for back pain: Exercise puts stress on the right muscles which result in better pain management
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3. Seated spinal twist

A simple seated spinal twist is also good for your lower back pain. This pose will also increase the flexibility. This simple stretch is loaded with multiple health benefits such as better mood, better knee, spinal and shoulder flexibility.

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4. Glute bridges

Glute bridge is a simple exercise which can help in relieving lower back pain. Along with treating lower back pain, this stretch can also strengthen the lower back. This exercise is extremely good for people with sitting jobs.

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5. Pelvic tilt

Pelvic tilt is another stretch which strengthens the different muscles. It mainly focuses on the abdominal muscles and relieves lower back pain. You can do around 3 sets of 3-5 repetitions.

If you are suffering from severe back pain from along time, you should not ignore this condition can get medical help as soon as possible.

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