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5 Signs That Your Lungs Are In Trouble

Where people know how to identify disorders for all other body parts, most people fail to recognize disorders for their lungs. Here's a list of signs that may indicate that your lungs are in trouble.

5 Signs That Your Lungs Are In Trouble

Are your lungs in trouble?


  1. Damage to lungs may harm respiratory tract considerably
  2. Breathlessness indicates that your lungs are in trouble
  3. Persistent coughing indicates that your lungs are in trouble

Urine color changes-Kidneys are disturbed

Chest pain-Heart is in trouble

Changes in skin color-liver are in trouble

You all know how to identify disorders in your liver, kidneys, and heart. But how many are aware of identifying lung disorders.

We all look after all other organs with utmost care but, hardly do people focus on the health of their lungs. The organ that sends oxygen to blood cells must not be taken granted in any way. Any form of injury or disturbance caused to the lungs may lead to substantial damage to your respiratory tract and lead to asthma or even tuberculosis.

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Listed below are some of the common signs which indicate that your lungs are in trouble and need health care:

1. Breathlessness

If you feel breathless while walking, climbing stairs, performing day-to-day activities or any other form of physical exertion, it is a sign that your lungs are in trouble. There might also be cases when you may feel breathless even while lying on the bed; it is also a sign that your lungs are in trouble. They all indicate the possibility of a respiratory ailment like asthma or bronchitis or even cardiac ailments in severe cases.

2. Producing too much mucus

If you are producing too much mucus while coughing and are ignoring it, you are ignoring potential signs of lung disorders. Also, if you are experiencing cough for three months in a row, it may indicate chronic bronchitis in you. If this is combined with shortness of breath and changes in the color of sputum, you must visit the doctor soon.

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3. Chest pain

Though in most cases chest pain may indicate heart trouble, it is also indicative of trouble for your lungs. If you experience pain while sneezing or coughing or even breathing, your lungs might be infected with infection or virus. It may even indicate the presence of a blood clot which is hampering the flow of blood to your lungs. This is known as pulmonary embolism and happens in very rare cases.

4. Wheezing

A strange sound that you hear in your lungs is a clear signal of lung dysfunction. It indicates that the lungs are unable to get oxygen and are experiencing some sort of blockage or arterial block due to dirt or bacteria. Mostly it is associated with asthma, bronchitis, allergic reaction or even tumor in some cases.

5. Persistent coughing

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The most important sign of lung damage is chronic coughing. Though it is common with cold and fever and sore throat, if it continues for over eight weeks, there is a reason to worry. It may result in bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia or even tuberculosis. 

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