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5 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Increase Belly Fat

The belly is, hands down, the worst place to gain weight. Itruins ourclothes and self-esteem, all in one go. Here is a list of habits that seem harmless yet deposit this hard-to-shed fat cells in our belly, causing it to expand.

5 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Increase Belly Fat

Lack of sleep can affect one's metabolism which is responsible for the burning of fat.


  1. Lack of sleep can cause our belly fat to increase
  2. Surprisingly, starving can also induce gaining of belly fat
  3. Eating late prevents all the calories to burn up inducing belly fat

Having to buy a new pair of jeans every 3 months would be a bit heavy on our pockets, and this can become a regular thing considering the lifestyle we lead. The belly is the worst place to gain weight. It ruins our clothes and self-esteem, all in one go. These fat chunks which accumulate in our abdominal area without us even knowing it as we have seemingly innocent habits that make us pack more pounds around the waist than we should.

Let us go through a list of habits that seem harmless yet deposit this hard-to-shed fat cells in our belly, causing it to expand:

1. Not getting enough sleep

Not completing the required quota of minimum 7 to 8 hours of sleep can cause the belly to expand. The body increases the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, when it does not get the required amount of sleep. Cortisol causes sugar-cravings which leads to the consumption of many empty calories which cause the belly to balloon. Getting enough sleep helps control cortisol levels and also increases leptin levels, which keeps the appetite in check. Lack of sleep can also affect one's metabolism, responsible for the burning of fat.

2. Forgetting to stay hydrated

Water is something that is often overlooked when options like fruit juices or sodas are available, that in fact add to the increase of our waistline. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is necessary as water not only helps us get rid of stored fat, but also prevents water retention which leads to constipation and bloating. Also, a good water balance keeps us away from untimely food cravings.

3. Skipping or cutting out meals

Starving oneself in order to become skinnier is an invitation for the fat cells to build a home in the belly as the body tends to store more calories. Depriving one's body of food slows down the metabolism causing less calories to get burnt and may even lead to poor food choices or overeating at the end of the day.

4. Eating late and from big plates

Like the rest of the body, the digestive system needs to go for rest when it sleeps. When one eats late, the body won't burn all the calories it just consumed with the possibility of an acid reflux or indigestion. Several studies also suggest that eating from bigger plates makes one consume more calories as there is more space for food. It is advisable to eat on time and from smaller plates or rather to serve smaller portions of food.

5. Eating in front of the television

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As per studies, distracted eating can make one eat more. When one is emotionally charged or is working alongside finishing the meal, one tends to mindlessly munch on foods that might not be so healthy. One habit that is popular in this century is eating in front of the television. Slowing down and savoring the food can make one eat less.


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