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5 Myths About Sugar You Shouldn't Believe

Here are some common myths about sugar you should stop believing. Take a look.

5 Myths About Sugar You Shouldnt Believe

Sugar should be consumed in moderation

You might have heard several times that sugar is your enemy, it can lead to weight gain and so on. Well, there are several ifs and buts attached to these statements. There are several popular myths around sugar that can force many individuals to give up on their favourite sweet treats. To help you consume sugar correctly, here are some common myths around sugar busted. Take a look.

Top myths about sugar

Sugar is addictive

It is commonly believed that sugar is addictive. However, there is no scientific evidence that sugar is addictive. For some, eating something sweet may increase dopamine but it is not same as addiction. Some might also experience sugar cravings or enjoy eating sugar more than other foods.

Sugar causes diabetes

It is a common myth that consuming sugar directly causes diabetes. Many times diabetes is also termed as sugar in layman's language. However, family history, genes, age, body weight, PCOS and levels of physical activity are the risk factors for type-2 diabetes.

You should consume a zero-sugar diet

Well, sugar is not your enemy. In order to lose weight or to eat healthy, many often eliminate sugar from their diet. The truth is that consuming sugar in excess is bad. Not consuming it from the right sources is bad. So, avoid too much consumption of sugar and unhealthy sources like sweetened beverages.

Artificial sweeteners are better

The market is flooded with foods and beverages that contain artificial sweeteners. They also also believed to be healthier than regular products.

According to research, artificial sweeteners are highly addictive. Too much consumption of artificial sweeteners is also linked with a high risk of chronic health conditions including diabetes and even cancer.

Sugar causes cavities

Too much consumption of sugar and sweetened beverages can trigger cavities. But sugar alone is not the culprit.

Tips to note: Sugar can be consumed in moderation. You should choose natural sugar sources over artificial and added sugar.

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