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5 Foods To Boost Fertility Naturally

Fertility diet: Strawberries, figs and avocados are a few foods that can give a natural boost to your fertility.

5 Foods To Boost Fertility Naturally

A healthy diet is required to boost your fertility


  1. Pomegranate can help in improving fertility
  2. Zinc is the marker for male fertility as it regulates testosterone
  3. Vitamin E in avocados can improve uterus lining in females

Fertility or rather the decline of it is something that is rapidly affecting urban young Indian couples. There might be certain underlying medical causes to it but the fact cannot be denied that the lifestyle choices play a key role too. A perfect balance of reproductive hormones governs fertility and a bad diet can play havoc with it. It is said that changes in the diet you consume and your lifestyle factors like (smoking and alcohol) can help in improving fertility by a good percentage.

Here are some foods that may help boost fertility naturally:

1. Strawberries: Going by ancient texts, strawberries are known as a symbol of Goddess Venus. To boost fertility, these juicy fruits were gifted to newly married couples. Strawberries are filled with Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and zinc which is quintessential in enhancing libido in both men and women. Zinc is considered as the nutrient marker for male fertility as it helps regulate testosterone (male reproductive) hormone. You can consume raw strawberries or have it in the form of smoothies.

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2. Figs: Since ancient Greek times, figs were considered as the symbol of fertility and it was later found to be somewhat true that due to high amounts of iron present in figs, it can help positively boost fertility. Iron is essential for the ovulation process in females while low iron levels can affect sperm quality and motility in males. Figs are recognised as an aphrodisiac fruit because of their texture and aroma.


Figs are recognised as an aphrodisiac fruit because of their texture and aroma
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3. Avocado: Due to its appearance, avocados are well-known as aphrodisiac fruits. The egg-shaped avocados offer a wide range of various essential nutrients like folic acid, Vitamin B6, beta carotene, Vitamin E, and magnesium which assists in boosting sexual health and fertility. Folic acid is essential to fuel up the body with energy while Vitamin B6 helps in steadying the hormones while improving sexual health. Vitamin E present in avocados can improve uterus lining in females. Relish the goodness of nutrients of this fruit in the form of seasoned, stuffed, salads, soups, or mashed to guacamole with your favorite herbs.

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4. Pomegranate: Another humble fruit to boost fertility is pomegranate. Pomegranate is loaded with various essential nutrients and its great antioxidant properties help in improving the quality of sperms while maintaining reproductive health. It helps to boost the blood circulation of reproductive organs and can also improve sperm count and sperm motility. It can also promote healthy uterine lining in females. You can consume fresh pomegranate as it is or top it with some nuts and a dash of thyme.

5 Lentils & Legumes: Lentils are rich in a polyamine compound known as spermidine which actually helps in the fertilisation process. The deficiency of spermidine is associated with decreased sperm count in males. Folate (folic acid) found in lentils and beans is another important nutrient that is required for healthy embryo development. Various lentils and legumes like red lentils, black, yellow, green lentils along with chickpeas, Bengal gram, soybeans, kidney beans, and black beans should be made a part of your daily diet to reap on fertility benefits.


Lentils are rich in a polyamine compound known as spermidine which actually helps in the fertilisation process
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Please note

While a healthy diet and lifestyle are key to healthy fertility, it is equally essential to consult an expert if you are facing fertility issues.

(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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