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5 Common Digestive Disorders: Know Tips To Manage These Conditions

Abdominal pain, gas, heartburn and other digestive disorders are uncomfortable and can steal the peace of your mind. You will have to adhere to certain lifestyle modifications in order to enhance your digestive health. Read on to know more about this and follow the tips given in the below article.

5 Common Digestive Disorders: Know Tips To Manage These Conditions

Digestive issues can cause symptoms like stomach pain, heartburn, gas and more


  1. Do not ignore your digestive issues for too long
  2. Always take medications after consulting your doctor
  3. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help you prevent digestive issues

Digestive issues are associated with the digestive tract that is also known as the gastrointestinal. The esophagus (also called food tube), stomach, small and large intestines, liver, pancreas and gall bladder are a part of your digestive tract. And there is a range of problems that can occur in your digestive system. Many of us will experience digestive distress at some point of time in life. Here, we list out some digestive problems that are commonly seen in people.

Common digestive issues: Know ways to deal with these conditions

1. Gastroenteritis

Are you one of them who experience symptoms such as fever, vomiting, a headache, or even diarrhoea? Then, you may be at the risk of stomach flu (gastroenteritis) that can be viral or even bacterial in your gut. While bacterial infections may occur owing to E.coli or salmonella bacteria, viral infections take place due to rotavirus, norovirus. Parasites can also invite this worrisome condition. One will have to stay hydrated by drinking water from time to time. Wash your hands properly by maintaining good personal hygiene. If the infection is serious then you will be required to get admitted to the hospital for further tests.

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2. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Do you have heart burn or even acid reflux more than 1 time then it may be GERD. Your esophagus is responsible for moving swallowed food down to your stomach. The lower esophageal sphincter that is (LES) tends to connect to the abdomen and esophagus. Thus, when LES is weak, the stomach acid will get leaked back into one's esophagus leading to heartburn. You will also be shocked to know that this can take a toll on your esophagus. Many people may suffer from this annoying problem and lifestyle changes can do the trick. Do not eat acidic foods like soft drinks, cheese, or dairy products, chew your food properly, sleep with your head elevated and do not hit the sack immediately after having your meal. Moreover, your expert will prescribe antacids for you to manage the condition.


GERD can lead to burning sensation in the chest
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3. Ulcer and gastritis

Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) can be described as an open sore that is spotted in the lining of the stomach or even in the upper part of your small intestine. Gastritis is known as the inflammation of the lining of your stomach. The symptoms of these conditions are abdominal pain and nausea. When you spot symptoms like weight loss, black colour stool, blood in the stool, family history of GI cancer, it is necessary not to self-medicate but visit a doctor.

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4. Constipation

If you find it difficult to pass the stools then you have constipation. Thus, your bowel movements will be irregular that is around 3 times a week. Lack of fibre in the diet can cause constipation. You will know you are constipated when you will have to strain during bowel movements. Drinking a lot of fluids, eating fibre-rich food like berries, broccoli, whole grains, potatoes and apples can be helpful. Even laxatives can be taken after a doctor's advice.

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5. Hemorrhoids

They are painful, swollen blood vessels in your anus. The symptoms range from rectum pain, itching, and blood after bowel movement. Constipation is one of the potential causes of this condition. To deal with it, you will have to have a warm bath that is sitz bath to clean the area around the rectum, prevent constipation by eating fibre-rich foods, take a break while working from home and try to de-stress by doing activities that calm you down.

(Dr. Roy Patankar, Gastroenterologist and Director of Zen Multispecialty Hospital)

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