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On A Diet? Here's How You Can Enjoy Your 'Cheat Meal'

Cheat day today? Follow these guidelines first!

On A Diet? Heres How You Can Enjoy Your Cheat Meal

Cheat meals can have a positive impact on your diet


  1. The decision to have treat meals may vary from person to person
  2. You need to stop feeling guilty about your indulgences
  3. Choose the food that you really enjoy for your cheat meal

Changing the word 'cheat' with 'treat' can make all the difference!

For every one of us, food is one of the greatest pleasures. It's something everyone makes room for, but eating your favourite treats while on a weight loss plan, often referred to as cheat meals, will be nothing but cheating on your diet.

The decision to include treat meals may vary from person to person. Here are some considerations to incorporate treat meals into your eating plan:

Lose the guilt

Feeling guilty about the indulging not only denies the pleasure, but it can also lead to emotionally driven eating, which will result in weight gain and set you up for a poor relationship with food.

Consider the timing

Starting a diet plan by incorporating a daily or weekly treat meal can make sense to some. But others might hold off until an initial goal is reached.

Be true to your indulgences

It is important to choose food one really enjoys. It can be a cheeseburger on a small whole-wheat bun or a fruit or a piece of candy. Whatever suits you!

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Whether you call them treats, splurges or something else, most agree that there are positive aspects of including them in the diet. 

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