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3 Secret Anti-Ageing Potions Revealed

These anti-ageing potions that can help you deal with the obstacles that come between you and your aim to have a clear, younger looking skin.

3 Secret Anti-Ageing Potions Revealed

These anti-ageing potions can be prepared according to your preference.


  1. Do-it-yourself potions that will help you have a younger looking skin.
  2. Tweak quantities of ingredients according to your personal preference.
  3. Keep in mind any allergies and intolerances.

We all crave for skin that looks young, refreshed and energized. But it doesn't come easy. Tons of skincare products, exercises, home remedies, foods, etc. are required for one to have skin that looks good and feels good. At times, despite us being on the top of our toes in taking care of our skin, the exposure to the environmental damages are skin and causes various problems like acne, dark spots, white and blackheads etc.

However, there are some anti-aging potions that can help you deal with the obstacles that come between you and your skin. Read below to know what they are:

Super Green Antioxidant Juice

You can prepare a drink which contains spinach, kale (if available), grapes, apples, and oranges. These antioxidant-rich foods will help in reducing the damage caused by stress, pollution, sun exposure and junk or fast food. They will help you in getting firmer, clearer and more youthful skin.

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Cleansing Juice

Create a cleansing juice which contains carrots, apples and ginger. This juice makes your skin glow from the inside by detoxifying, cleansing and nourishing the internal organs. This drink is most effective if you have it in the evening. The quantities of the ingredients can be tweaked as per your choice.

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Protein Smoothie

If you are into face yoga, a protein smoothie can work wonders for you. Blend together almond milk, rice milk, organic bio live yoghurt, blueberries, raspberries, banana and some protein powder. While protein gives us stamina and energy, almond milk helps in improving the condition of our skin and makes our face appear toned and firm.

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So try these 2 amazing anti-ageing potions and see the results for yourself. However, take care of any particular allergies and intolerances and consult a nutritionist before incorporating them in your diet. 


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