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12-Week Fitness Project: A One-Month Recap By Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

If you do all the workouts of the first four weeks, you will gain strength, stability and flexibility, says Rujuta Diwekar.

12-Week Fitness Project: A One-Month Recap By Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

This 15-minute full-body daily workout will improve strength, stability and flexibility

On completion of one month of her 12-week fitness regime, nutritionist and fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar shared a video recap of the exercises she has shared with her followers so far. Every week, Diwekar comes up with a set of workout routines that are needed for the body. She says everyone can do these exercises irrespective of what they do during the day. This will help them achieve a fitness level better than their current one. The exercises take only about 15 minutes and do not need any equipment. “You can do this just by itself or in addition to any exercise you are already doing,” she adds in the caption of her Instagram post.

Doing this 15-minute full-body daily workout will improve strength, stability and flexibility. Here's what you need to do:

Week 1:

The 12-week fitness project began with a focus on stretching the body to make it flexible. For this, you need to stand close to a wall, facing it. Lift one leg up and hold it with your hand. Do this in five sets with each leg alternatively. Next, sit on a sofa or chair and try to touch your toe with one hand.  Repeat Five-10 counts again. There are two more stretches involving the upper body.

Week 2:

This time, the focus shifts to building stability and strength in the legs. Rujuta Diwekar broke down the workout into five easy groups. The week-2 workout has to be done in addition to the week-1 regime

Week 3:

Now, is the time to pay attention to the back. The new work-from-home culture has forced people to sit in chairs for long hours. Also, they try to look for comfort, giving the right posture a toss, leading to back pain. In some cases, the back pain can be severe. Rujuta Diwekar suggested ways to relieve the stress on your back in simple steps. All you need is a yoga mat, or you can do it on your bed also.

Week 4:

Concluding the month, she asked her followers to do three asanas to accelerate their recovery from aches, pains and PMS. Each asana requires only one minute to complete.

Check the recap video below:

Rujuta Diwekar said people can do these exercises in addition to those they are already doing.

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