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World Liver Day 2023: 6 Homemade Drinks That Will Help Detox Your Liver

World Liver Day 2023: Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, trying these homemade detox drinks mentioned in this article can help prevent liver disease.

World Liver Day 2023: 6 Homemade Drinks That Will Help Detox Your Liver

World Liver Day 2023: Educating ourselves on the liver can help us better care for it

World Liver Day is commemorated every year on April 19th to raise awareness about liver diseases and their management. The day is an opportunity to educate the public about the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of liver conditions.

History & importance 

World Liver Day was established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to emphasise the need for liver disease awareness and the investment of resources in liver disease research. It was officially celebrated for the first time on April 19, 2012, and has gained traction ever since. Every year, numerous health organisations, hospitals, and liver treatment centres organise various programs and activities to commemorate World Liver Day.

The liver is a vital organ that performs various essential functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, regulation of blood sugar, production of bile, and storage of vitamins and nutrients. However, it is vulnerable to various diseases, including hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure.

Liver disease is a severe and life-threatening condition that can result in the liver's complete failure if not diagnosed and treated early. It causes severe complications, including ascites, jaundice, gastrointestinal bleeding, and hepatic encephalopathy. Therefore, the importance of World Liver Day lies in providing the public with knowledge about liver disease and its management.


This year's World Liver Day theme is "Be Vigilant, Do Regular Liver Check-Up, Fatty Liver Can Affect Anyone." The topic emphasises the importance of routine liver exams because anyone can develop fatty liver, regardless of risk factors like obesity, diabetes, and excessive alcohol intake. Recent studies conducted in India have revealed that patients with low body mass indices (25 kg/m2) account for 75% of cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD; liver disease caused in people who drink little to no alcohol).

Now that we understand the importance of this day and this year's theme. Let's take the time to educate ourselves on ways in which we can take better care of our liver. 

6 Homemade drinks that will help detox your liver:

1. Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is an effective way to detoxify your liver. Lemon water provides a boost of vitamin C and helps the liver produce more bile, which aids in digestion.

2. Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants that can help protect the liver from damage caused by free radicals. It also helps promote weight loss, which lowers the risk of developing fatty liver disease.

3. Beetroot Juice

Beetroots are rich in antioxidants and nitrates that can help improve liver function. Drinking beet juice regularly can help detoxify the liver, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of liver disease.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar can help liver detoxification by improving digestion, promoting bile flow, and reducing inflammation.

5. Turmeric tea

Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can help protect the liver from damage. Drinking turmeric tea regularly can aid in liver detoxification and improve liver function.

6. Cranberry Juice 

Drinking cranberry juice can help protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol and toxic substances. Cranberry juice aids in liver detoxification and helps reduce inflammation.
World Liver Day is an essential day for creating awareness about liver diseases and their prevention, early detection, and treatment. By taking steps to maintain optimum liver health, such as maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol, and staying physically active, we can reduce the risk of liver diseases.

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