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Unhealthy Snacking Can Harm Your Liver, Here's How

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee tells how eating too much or overeating can affect your liver health

Unhealthy Snacking Can Harm Your Liver, Heres How

Unhealthy snacking is linked with poor liver health

Snacking is a part of our daily routine. In fact, people love snacking, sometimes even more than full-fledged meals. Whenever one feels hungry between work or low on energy, the best thing to do is grab your favourite food item and chomp away. However, you should be aware that too much snacking can be very harmful to your body. No, it will not only lead to weight gain or digestive issues, but it can also directly hamper the health of your liver. Have you started thinking about it already? Do refer to nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee's recent video on Instagram. In the caption, she writes, “Be mindful about how much you eat, and how frequently you eat as overeating and excessive snacking may adversely affect your liver.”

In the video, Anjali states that snacking, overeating, or even frequent eating, as most people do, has become a national pastime. She writes, “People eat not because they are hungry, they eat because it is entertaining to eat. So, let's understand what happens to the body.”

She goes on to explain that your liver becomes unfit when you snack frequently. How does this happen? According to her, when you consume food, irrespective of whether it is healthy or unhealthy gets converted into glucose. And some of that glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen. Now, the nutritionist tells that the liver needs to deplete its glycogen stores before you keep refilling it more. That is the exercise for the liver.

But she further explains that the problem nowadays is that people are eating very frequently and way too much than their body needs. Due to this, the liver is getting choked. “This, in turn, will not only lead to the fatty liver but it will also result in a lot of other health issues like bloating, belching and of course, problems with your body weight.”

What is the solution? How can you prevent this from happening? Answering this, Anjali says that you need to be sensitive to the fact that you have to keep a gap in between meals. Ideally, she says that a four-hour gap is healthy. If you follow this tip, it will help you in many ways. Otherwise, she adds, “Overeating or eating frequently is the fastest route to developing insulin resistance. You are teaching your body how to become a diabetic by eating way too much.”

If you have been overeating or snacking too much, stop right away. Follow the tips and stay healthy.

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