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World Heart Day 2022: Let's Understand What Causes Sudden Cardiac Arrest & How We Can Prevent It

World Heart Day 2022: It is good to follow a healthy lifestyle like not smoking, regular exercise, drinking plenty water, eat well and so on.

World Heart Day 2022: Lets Understand What Causes Sudden Cardiac Arrest & How We Can Prevent It

World Heart Day 2022: Exercising regularly can also lower risk of SCA

"Sudden Cardiac death has emerged as a disturbing concern following COVID-19, although the direct cause of association of sudden cardiac deaths with COVID remains to be proven. It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle which includes having plenty of fluids and a well-balanced diet. It's suggested to not indulge in strenuous exercises if you have post-COVID cardiac health-related issues. Do consult a medical professional before undertaking bodybuilding exercises and supplements. A person must consult a doctor before taking random medicines because it may create coagulation problems.

It is always good to follow a healthy lifestyle like avoiding smoking, doing regular exercise, drinking plenty of fluids, do not perform strenuous exercise that may hamper your health. Exercises like yoga are extremely useful along with a proper diet regime which includes consumption of healthy food with an equal amount of nutritional benefits and abstaining from junk food. The gym trainers are not well qualified or experienced enough to take care of your life while doing heavy exercises. Patients who are suffering from serious cardiac ailments and performing heavy workout sessions need proper guidance. Fatality during heavy exercise increases because of underlying heart-related problems cardiomyopathy or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. There are certain other conditions like congenital heart disease which go unnoticed and otherwise are totally asymptomatic. They only manifest in extreme exercise conditions. The increase in sudden cardiac death is also due to increasing mental stress and a sedentary lifestyle which is being followed these days by many youngsters and hampering their day-to-day routine." Explains Dr. Ajay Kaul, Chairman, Cardiac Sciences, Fortis Hospital, Noida

"As per recent research, lack of adequate knowledge about the disease is considered one of the barriers to self-care in heart failure. There is a need to raise awareness of the fact that heart diseases are often accompanied by subtle symptoms and therefore, timely diagnosis is the key. There is a need to raise awareness around regular health check-ups and a healthy lifestyle. Prevention should be the cornerstone starting from a young age, especially in people with a family history of CVDs. Some steps to be undertaken include eating a healthy diet, doing regular physical activity, and avoiding habits like smoking and drinking. It is also imperative to keep other vitals such as blood pressure and blood sugar under check.
People in their 30s and 40s are increasingly becoming prone to heart diseases today. Some of the risk factors include high-stress levels, unhealthy lifestyles, family history of the condition, etc. In many cases, the blockages are silent and lead to disruptive functioning of the heart and over time, can cause a sudden heart attack or even a cardiac arrest. Non-detection or faint symptoms can worsen the outcome. That is why it becomes imperative to be aware of the symptoms of heart disease. Apart from early signs such as chest pain, cold sweats, and feeling of heaviness in the chest, the symptoms may most often not be apparent until a severe heart problem or a stroke has occurred. Some warning signs relating to other heart problems include a feeling of dizziness, pacing or slow heartbeat, shortness of breath after climbing stairs, extreme fatigue, and palpitations which can signal cardiac arrhythmia. Timely detection can ensure better outcomes.
For people who develop complications due to heart disease, there are various treatment options. Angioplasty is one such effective treatment for treating blockages in the coronary arteries which can help in improving the quality of life. It helps in the restoration of blood flow and can lead to improvement in cardiac pumping over time
Tips for better heart health

● Indulge in regular physical activity for about 30 minutes every day for weight loss, reduce blood sugar levels, and boost insulin sensitivity.

● Eat healthy food that is rich in fibre such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, and nuts. Avoid packaged and processed food.

● Smoking and alcohol are major risk factors and should be avoided.

● Get your blood sugar levels checked timely, especially if you have a family history of the condition. This will help you in taking preventive action at the earliest." suggests Dr. Kamal Gupta, Principal Consultant Cardiologist, Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad

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