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Heart Health: Artery Cleansing Foods You Must Include In Your Diet

Artery Cleansing Food: Arteries play an essential role in transportation of oxygen-rich blood to different parts of the body. But some factors can lead to clogged arteries which can cause difficulty in a smooth flow of the blood. Here are some foods which can help you prevent clogged arteries.

Heart Health: Artery Cleansing Foods You Must Include In Your Diet

Foods for arteries: Clogged arteries can result in heart diseases


  1. Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle can lead to clogged arteries
  2. Arteries cover almost every part of the body
  3. Nuts are loaded with properties which are beneficial for heart health

Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood to different parts of the body. Arteries are blood vessels which are responsible for transportation of blood vessels from the heart to other parts of the body. Good artery health is required for smooth transportation of blood. They cover almost every part of the body. There are some factors which can result in clogged arteries. Clogged arteries can restrict the free flow of blood to different body parts. Development of plaque leads to clogged arteries. Plaque develops in the inner walls which reduces the blood flow. Clogged arteries majorly affect heart health and lead to heart attack, stroke and other heart diseases.

Foods for arteries : Factors which can contribute to clogged arteries

Some poor lifestyle and dietary habits can lead to the development of clogged arteries. Some of the factors which can contribute to clogged arteries may include- poor cholesterol levels, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, stress, sedentary lifestyle and sometimes family history.

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Clogged arteries prevention

One can prevent clogged arteries with the help of some simple changes. One of the prevention steps includes modification in diet. Here are some artery cleansing foods which can help in purification of arteries and prevent the deposition of plaque.

1. Nuts

Nuts are loaded with health benefits. They are beneficial for one's heart health as well. You can include nuts like almonds and cashew. Most nuts are rich n magnesium which can prevent buildup in the arteries. Nuts are extremely filling and a powerhouse of energy. You can eat a handful of nuts in a day for better artery health.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oil which can be used for cooking. Olive oil is rich in healthy fats. You can use olive oil for cooking or simply use it as a topping on your salad. Olive oil can help you maintain your heart health and can also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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3. Turmeric

Turmeric is one spice which is loaded with medicinal properties and is used as a natural cure for several health issues. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the damage of the walls of arteries. Few studies have also shown that it may reduce the deposition of fatty deposits. You can add turmeric to your daily diet.

4. Citrus

Citric foods are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. Citric foods are good for heart health and arteries as well. You can use some popular sources of vitamin C such as lemon, orange, grapes, kiwi and many more.


Food for Arteries: Vitamin C is good for one's arteries and overall health
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5. Fatty fishes

For good artery health, you must consume healthy fats. Fatty fishes are one of the best food sources of good fats. Fatty fishes are also a well-known source of omega-3 fatty acids which is also beneficial for heart health.

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