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Stress Symptoms: Know The Effect Of Uncontrolled Stress On Your Body

Stress is more harmful than you think. It can affect your both mental and physical health. Here are some signs and symptoms of stress you need to watch out for.

Stress Symptoms: Know The Effect Of Uncontrolled Stress On Your Body

Uncontrolled stress can harm your health in more ways than one


  1. Uncontrolled stress can make you consume more calories
  2. Stress can also affect your sleep patterns
  3. Stress has a negative effect on your immunity too

Pandemic has left us with a myriad of emotions and reactions. The varied reactions seen amongst humans include boredom, moodiness, anger, irritation, frustration, maladaptive coping through the use of mind-altering substances, uncertainty and sense of loss of control. All of these can lead to anxiety, panic and depression. The most vulnerable groups are children and elderly. Children have not been able to attend schools. They have been subjected to boredom, agitation and frustration because of home isolation and not being able to socialise with their peers. Without an opportunity for outdoor play and socialisation, they have developed excessive addiction to gadgets, social media and online sources entertainment. Child experts feel there is an increase in social isolation and feelings of loneliness in children and adolescents post pandemic.

Signs of stress

Dr. Ruchi Gupta says, "The most appropriate way to overcome stress is early identification of the signs of stress. The signs are feelings of constant worry or anxiety, being overwhelmed, difficulty in concentrating and relaxing, mood swings, irritability or having a short temper, low self-esteem, changes in eating and sleeping habits, using alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs to relax, aches and pains, particularly muscle tension, diarrhoea and constipation and feelings of nausea. These signs can be experienced as a group of symptoms or one symptom for a consistent period of time."

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Stress can trigger digestive issues if left untreated
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How to take care of your mental health?

1. Avoid speculations regarding the cure/vaccine of COVID-19

Avoid speculations and only read from reputable sources for information. Rumours and speculations fuel anxiety.

2. Stay connected with family and friends

Social isolation is associated with poor mental health. Long term effects of social isolation are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. You can tackle this by staying connected and being in touch with family and friends. Resume socialisation in small groups to beat loneliness.

3. Manage Fear

Getting the right facts minimises fear. Become mindful about what you read. Indulge in a positive and motivating 'self-talk'.

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4. Follow a Daily Routine

Waking up, having meals and retiring at an affixed time each day gives a structure to a person's day. It is essential to carve out blocks of time for work, exercise and entertainment. Regular routine has a calming and reassuring effect on mind.

(Ashwini HJ is a Chief Psychologist and Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Consultant Psychiatrist at Pro Physio Healthcare)

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